Qigong Meditation comments

Qigong meditations helped to improve and increase both my perception and awareness of the extraordinary Qi that flows through us all. There is nothing quite like it.

– Timothy Givan


I signed up for the Meditation course. The quality of the course, the instructions and videos, personalised feedback, and dedication was as top notch as possible in an on-line environment. John Munro is owner and Instructor of Long White Cloud, and his great personality shined through the videos making me want to really to do the meditations to the best of my ability. All of the meditation exercises taught in the course were both enjoyable and challenging. A new meditation every week, and each one was preparation for the next one to come. For the final twelfth week John explained how all the previous meditations were to get one ready for this final meditation. That’ when I realised how unified and good the course was as I probably couldn’t have done that final meditation without going through what John had prepared me for. I’d say the Qigong Meditation course was a success for me because compared to the way I used to be before the course, I now feel a lot more relaxed throughout the day, and less prone to angry outbursts. I also used to be very negative and prone to bad moods but now I am a lot more upbeat and positive.

I will continue with Long White Cloud courses and I have already bought three of Johns’s excellent Qigong books, which supplement the courses, are well written, and are just plain good reads.

– Theron Huffman


In comparison with the guided mediation with music, Qigong mediation is distinct which are focusing energy flow inside and outside the body that normally we don't aware. The practice is including meridians, colours and organs. This course is including breathing exercises which is significant skill when you do meditation. Those skills are helping to analysis and understanding for a health condition and emotional state. QM can cleanse any energy stagnant such as emotional blockage. John Munro is highly skilled Qigong teacher. I highly recommend this course if you want to learn true meditation.

– Aiko Fukumoto


Qigong Meditation is a challenging class that is well worth the time and effort you will have to put into it. In this course, you will develop your awareness and intention with regard to your body and mind, and start moving qi internally with minimal physical movement. This is a challenge that any serious student of qigong aspires to. John does a great job of guiding the student through the meditation process and is very down to earth. Online materials top-notch. Instructor knowledgeable and approachable. Awesome course!

– Scott Smith


The meditation class is a must! As a personal trainer mostly for senior citizens, I get a lot of unwell and older clients- some who can barely move. I often start them out with the breathing exercises.  It is something they can do to feel better right away.

– Sarah McMullen


I have to say, this course has enriched my life beyond expectation. With so many different modalities and teachings on how to ‘best meditate’ I was amazed how the Qigong Meditation course could deliver such profound results. Through the twelve weeks, John guided me to become aware of my need to be consistent in practicing meditation to achieve a better sense of breathing, mindful awareness, quietening the ‘monkey brain’ with guided visualizations and being patient with what may seem slow progress. The breathing exercises which I learnt have enhanced my pranayama practice I do in yoga. This course also helped me to incorporate Qigong mediation concepts into daily activities so that the practice becomes a way of life. John, you are a source of healing, beauty and wisdom! Thank you.

– Susan Joachim


The Qigong meditation course was mostly an easy and very enjoyable experience.Many of the meditations brought me to a state of great calm and bliss filled experiences.My heart felt opened more;I felt alot of stress relief and so much love practicing these meditations! Some of the meditations were challenging for me which with persistent practice I felt alot of breakthroughs and energy blocks released from practicing! As John reminded me once,the “gong” in qigong means work and sometimes thats what it takes to reap the benefits of something.I highly recommend the qigong meditation course to beginners who want to learn beautiful,easy,and quality meditations as well as to experienced people who already practice meditation.

– April Bruck


Numbness on my knee disappeared during Qigong Meditation practice

Several years ago I slipped on the road and my left knee cap hit on the concrete. After the incident my left knee had numbness all the time. It was very uncomfortable when my knees touched the ground so I tried not knees down. I thought it never got better.

It was cold weather when I practiced Qigong Meditation. After few days practiced Qigong Meditation with the Belt meridian in my room, I noticed my left knee was different feeling from previous day.  It sudden happened that numbness on my left knee disappeared,  I could touch my left knee on ground without discomfort.  It was incredible. I never thought my physical symptoms would be reduced by meditation.

John explained me how my knee got better that the Belt meridian is related to legs, knees and bone and energy stagnant cleared by directing energy flow with the Belt meridian. I was so happy that I was free from the numbness and can touch knee on ground without anxiety.

The LWCQ Qigong Meditation methods were absolutely powerful tools for strengthening body functions, it worked on my knee very well.  John created LWCQ Qigong Meditation course distinct from other meditation methods. I learned how to aware of flow of energy throughout the body by Qigong Meditation which stimulate body functions includes internal organs, and rejuvenate energy. Of course QM effect on mind and emotional state become calm and relax, but John teaches us much depth of meditation. I think Qigong Meditation can be used for reduce pain and symptoms, and developing ability of self-healing as improve internal organs.

Thanks John. If I didn’t take QM course I wouldn’t be able to enjoy meditation and to be calm and relax. I also wouldn’t be able to analysis mind and body conditions, cleanse energy, and renewal energy within the body efficiently and effectively. I love doing Qigong Meditation 🙂

– Aiko Fukumoto