Online Courses

These are the online courses that are currently available from Long White Cloud Qigong.

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Qigong Foundation Practices

Qigong Foundation Practices teaches the basics of qigong including, breathing, posture and energy awareness.  The main focus of the course is a set of twelve exercises, one for each of the organ meridians in the body.

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth teaches exercises for activating the flow of the extraordinary meridians.  This is important preparation for connecting to the energy of heaven and the energy of the earth.  Generation and cleansing of the energy field also features in this course.

Enter The Flow

Enter The Flow teaches exercises to become more aware of the energy circulating within and around your body.  As you become more skilled with these exercises, eventually you are able to feel the qi flow in everything that you do.

Qigong Meditations

This course provides an excellent start to qigong meditation.  It takes you through the necessary steps to begin to cleanse and refine your energy.

Mysterious Qi – Qigong Theory and Practice

Mysterious Qi is an introduction to qigong theory and practice with an emphasis on practice.  It explores a number of important ideas and encourages students to experiment with these ideas and experience how they affect their qigong practice. For this reason the course is best suited to students who have already completed several other Long White Cloud Qigong courses.

Qigong Walking

Qigong Walking teaches a series of simple Qigong energy awareness/meditation practices that you perform while walking normally.  These gentle practices refresh and renew and help you to make a habit of healthy energetic functioning throughout your day.  They are also a great way of improving you posture, balance and ease of walking.

Release The Power Of Your Breath

This course teaches a foundational understanding of breathing and how breathing impacts on our physical, mental  and energy performance.  Practices are taught to develop breathing skills for different types of activity and situations.

Movement in Stillness

This course provides an introduction to Zhan Zhuang or ‘Standing Post’ qigong exercises. These very simple practices are also very challenging, requiring great patience, awareness and perseverance to master.  They are a powerful way to develop the energy within your body.

Wild Animal Play

To move and play like an animal is one of the classic forms of qigong practice.  We can gain inspiration from watching animals in the wild, and by imitating the animals we challenge ourselves and develop physical attributes and skills to a level that we might not otherwise achieve.  For example by imitating the tiger we develop great physical strength, by imitating the crane we develop balance and so on.  When imitating the animals we also adopt some of the psychology of the animal that comes from behaving in the way that they do.  Together these factors combine to stimulate our energy in interesting and complex ways that can be very beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

Waking the Qi

Waking the Qi presents a series of twenty qigong exercises designed to activate your life force energy and get it flowing through your body again. When the qi is flowing, not only are you healthier, stronger and feel better, but you can also actually feel your living energy more easily. This makes it easier for you to get the benefits fromTaiji (Tai Chi), Qigong, and other energy arts you may practice, as when you can actually feel your energy you are more able to assess whether your practice is achieving its intended results, and make changes as necessary.

Introduction to Qigong Healing – Coming Soon


All of these courses are provided on a ‘Give Freely, Receive Freely’ basis. You pay what you feel the courses are worth, or what you can afford.  This makes them available to everyone regardless of their financial situation.   If you would like to support these courses you can do so on our ‘Donate’ page here.