Release the Power of your Breath comments

There are many powerful keys in this course, not only useful for the qigong practice but very useful to me as a personal trainer. I particularly like the cleansing breath and directing energy as it helps my students heal themselves by promoting better qi flow in the body.  I will keep referring to the lessons in this class for years to come.

– Sarah McMullen


I had no idea there were so many different ways to breathe to affect health and vitality until I took the LWCQ Release The Power of The Breath Course.  The twelve lessons strengthened my breathing muscles and taught me more awareness of how to breathe differently and intentionally with different needs of exertion. Hence, I now breathe more efficiently and consciously with every movement or task.  I coordinate my breath with the demands placed on it.

I have learned to be more aware of the rhythm, speed, location of the breath for different needs–from deep relaxation, alertness, and even heavy exertion.  This has helped me energize my being with more life force and stamina.

My body and mind are now more in sync allowing for more resilience in dealing with stress.  Even heavy emotional states and physiological imbalances can be cleansed and balanced strategically  with breathing techniques in Long White Cloud QiGong.  These  techniques are valuable for all the practices in QiGong. They are central for building core awareness and internal stability. I am grateful to have this knowledge for all of life’s demands!

Thank you, John!

– Corinne Corcoran


The RPB course gave a huge exposure to a large number of different breathing techniques. Almost too many and not enough time to dwell into it deeply enough. However, what I got from this course was that I could select the techniques that now I practice regularly and they help me a lot in my everyday qigong practices. I will definitely revisit the course material and will spend a lot more time with different techniques.

At this stage I am now spending more time working with the dantien, the alternate nostril breathing, in with good out with bad and the breathing stimulation cycle.

I gained a thorough understanding of the respiratory system, the mind body connection and hence the power of breathing, which most people are taking for granted and have no idea what an amazing powerhouse we can have access to once we realize the power of the breath. This course helped me to discover the vast opportunity to influence and even heal the body just by using the breath in certain ways. WOW, if people knew about this, everybody would want to do this course.

The course also greatly helped with the Mysterious Qi Course that I did simultaneously. Thanks again for another awesome course. Now I am looking forward to the next longwhitecloudqigong course in 2018.

– Linda Knight


The RPB class felt like a master class in understanding the mechanics of breath, how to influence breathing to create different goals and how to expand our breath capacity. While I found some of the details challenging to incorporate, John’s explanation and guidance always clarified my confusion and addressed my questions.

He is amazing in the breath of his knowledge, his ability to meet each student at whatever level they are from novice to experienced practitioner and his ability to communicate his caring and warmth half-way around the world.

I am also constantly humbled by John’s dedication to making these immensely valuable practices available to anyone by offering his teachings by donation instead of fixed tuition. He truly lives and embodies spiritual openheartedness and kindness to all.

– Mary Ann Koch


I thoroughly enjoyed the Release the Power of Your Breath course. I had no idea there were so many types of breathing methods and breathing applications! I have found that several of these methods are applicable to my own life, and can see how many people in my community could benefit from learning them. John is a great teacher. He is kind, and he wants to make sure you truly understand the methods and the reasons behind them. All in all, I believe this class would be applicable and valuable to just about everyone. Thanks, John!

– Stacie Sandall