Qigong Foundation Practices comments

The QFP course, for me, was a wonderful introduction not just to the technical movement and breathing of Qigong, but more importantly for myself, it was an introduction to the mentality of balance, thoughtfulness, and mindfulness. John and Tihana give wonderful feedback and a well-rounded view, and most of all they seem so focused on each individual involved in the course. My video interview with John at the end of the 12 weeks particularly was uplifting, joyful, philosophical, explorative. All the things this whole course has been for me. I can’t wait to continue my studies and I can’t recommend highly enough this course!

– Timothy Adams


Who would have known there is so much to learn about Qigong?!  John’s Qigong Foundation Practices Course is a perfect introduction to what is a fascinating and potentially life changing discipline.  The videos were easy to follow on my own at home and I looked forward to receiving the weekly Q and A feedback to the student cohort and seeing John’s smiling face on the bespoke videos he prepared each week.   I learned a lot about my own health and benefited spiritually, mentally and physically and am now rapidly gaining confidence and knowledge with continued daily practice.  I absolutely loved the whole experience and am exited to start my next Long White Cloud Qigong course.  At times it is challenging and you need to be prepared to come against a few minor obstacles but with focus and regular practice you will be well rewarded. PS don’t worry about the Skype test!  Warm Wishes

– Anne Newman


Doing the QFP course has been a great experience. It´s an enjoyable practice to do every day. John is a great teacher, his explanations are very clear and the videos are very detailed and easy to follow.  Thank you so much for the dedication and commitment you put into this!  I am very happy and very grateful to you both.

– Marcela Thesz


I enjoyed meeting John Munro Saturday for the oral examine.  He is most pleasant and knowledgeable.  He cleared up some details that needed attention and was most attentive to my inquiries and doubts. The classes were very well organized and detailed.  In the past, I’ve had some experience with the 8 brocade Qigong, however, practicing the 12 Rivers in the QFP has given me new insights and better understanding.    Since practicing the QFP, I have experienced more stamina and flexibility.  Also, the peace within is amazing.  I will continue to practice and obtain more knowledge through the Long White Cloud Qigong online classes in the near future. I am very pleased at the results and recommend it highly for anyone looking for a healthy and peaceful life in this wonderful world we live in.  Good luck to all.  

– Josephine Roca


John is an amazing and gifted teacher. I have found the videos to be extremely helpful despite their short length. It actually helps my learning style to listen to short videos and learn the movements and the background information in short, succinct bursts.

The Qi foundations class was so well done. At the beginning, I thought I would be able to pick it up faster but I learned that his timing was perfect as each week was really necessary to fully integrate the movements without having to divert so much energy to remembering them. By the end of the class, the movements felt much more effortless and I was able to really feel the qi and organ massage with each movement.

While I was wary of the testing process, I found it to be actually quite helpful and that the process renewed my energy and enthusiasm for taking the next classes. The written test questions helped me to consolidate the learning process. The video resulted in John’s being able to give me several tips to increase the effectiveness of the movements. My interview with him was delightful, encouraging and made the on-line experience feel quite personal.

I would recommend John, his courses and books to anyone looking to learn Qi Gong.

– Mary Ann Koch


Studying qigong online was a weird idea at the beginning. Now that i look backward, i can not be but grateful for the decision i made.

QFP changed my life literally. I had to stop physical yoga because of recurrent knee inflammations. In addition, i have a diverticulosis in my colon that causes nearly consistent pain. Practicing the twelve health exercises strengthened my knee. I am able to do exercises i could not do before. The knife i was feeling in my colon is barely here anymore. Improvements started after one week of daily practice.

At an emotional and mental level, i would say that QFP is a wonderful cure for stress and fatigue . Moreover, John is a wonderful mentor and teacher. He is always available to answer questions about qigong and other, even if it does not relate to the course directly.

The interview with him is fun and amazingly profitable at a knowledge level. He really embodies what he teaches.

Thank you John. Lots of gratitude from Lebanon.

– Oscar Eid


I thoroughly enjoyed the Qigong Foundational Practices course offered by Long White Cloud Qigong. John Munro is an excellent instructor with a real talent for breaking down complicated material and making it understandable. The course is filled with valuable information and depth of material. I feel my understanding of qigong has been greatly enhanced by the completion of this course. I would highly recommend any of the Long White Cloud courses to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of qigong. I look forward to my next class!

– Cheryl Rowland


I recommend the Qigong Foundation Practices course offered by Long White Cloud Qigong for anyone seeking a starting point for their qigong journey. John Munro provides clear and informative descriptions of theoretical and practical aspects of qigong, and after a short while of dedicated practice of the 12 Rivers Qigong form that you’ll learn in this course you will begin to experience the many benefits of qigong. You will then be able to take your understanding and practice of qigong further, as Long White Cloud offers other interrelated qigong courses that together provide a broad and deep qigong curriculum. I thank John for offering these courses through Long White Cloud Qigong as they have enabled me to consolidate and refine many years of interest in qigong and related disciplines.

– Benjamin Cook


This course is a good place to start learning qigong. Even if you haven’t practised qigong before, this course guides you through the basics step by step and without rush and helps you to learn a excellent set of qigong exercises that will help you to improve your health and well-being.

– Tomas Vapaataival


“‘Qigong Foundation Practices’ (Twelve Rivers Qigong) was likely the best course possible for me to learn and understand the Organ Meridians that make Chinese Medicine possible. I have practiced many styles of Qigong, and this course was masterfully constructed to give me the greatest understanding of the system, in just a twelve week time period.”

– Tim Givan


If you are new to Qigong the Foundation Practices are a great place to start.  I love that this course provides breathing exercises and information on the organs and emotions in addition to the twelve movements themselves.  These movements are great for emotional balance and developing energy awareness as well as physical benefits.  About half way through the course, after doing these movements consistently the pain from lower back arthritis and sciatica was relieved.  Six months later, I am now able to do tasks that I was told by traditional medicine, I would never do without pain again!  

– Kimberly Bowers


I just finished the Long White Cloud 12-week Qigong Meditation course and I am glad I took it. Before I started I did a lot of research on Qigong classes in my local area, and on on-line Qigong courses.

The two or three local classes I found were either not serious enough for me, or too expensive and inconvenient. Of the many of the websites that offered online classes, Long White Cloud seemed to be the most dedicated one, more done out of the love of teaching Qigong than making a quick buck.

– Theron Huffman


As a bodyworker, John Munro’s Qigong Foundation Practices added a whole new dimension to my understanding of the Chinese meridian system. I’ve taken classes in Asian bodywork and acupressure for years, but this class helped me to feel the meridians in my own body, as well as how they relate to organs and emotional states. Now the meridian system makes a lot more natural sense to me. The exercises also make a great daily practice, and learning them has made it easier for me learn other forms. John’s feedback was specific and helpful. His classes are a goldmine of information without being overwhelming.

– Ronda Cranford


Qigong Foundation Principles is not only a great intro to what qigong is about, it also teaches you how to do some serious qigong. Learning the 12 Rivers organ meridian exercises was fun and challenging. I feel that it has already positively affected my health. Great class for any qigong beginner! Online materials are great. Videos are clear and easy to follow, and the instructor is very knowledgeable and approachable.

– Scott Smith


-The Qigong Foundation Practices course taught me a skill that helps me heal myself using the 12 meridians. This is a gift I am working to share with as many others as I can!

After doing the qigong lessons my mind seems clearer and my body seems more able to heal itself of some previously thought chronic conditions – a pain in my foot and gum decay to name a couple!

– Sarah McMullen


My first Long White Cloud Qigong course was QFP. Within the twelve weeks there was a lot of information to be learned and understood. However, with John’s knowledge, deep intelligence and experience with teaching Qigong, I was able to understand the course contents and techniques and apply it to my path towards a healthier mind and body. The exercises through the twelve weeks gave me new energy, a calming of my mind and centeredness. With each movement, I could profoundly feel the ‘qi’ coming into my body, radiating throughout my body, and holding it there. I could definitely feel my energy levels increase and became more flexible. I realized John’s ‘mastership’ qualities very early in the course; he’s a natural teacher and no question is left unanswered. His manner is calm and patient along with a very generous heart. John, thank you so much for introducing me to Qigong!

– Susan Joachim


Qigong Foundation Practices is a very well put together course with clear week by week instructions!John Munro also wrote a wonderful book on these practices that I feel is a must have purchase!It is a very enjoyable and quality course and I feel I benefited greatly from learning and practicing! The 12 health exercises I learned in this course are some of my favorite daily exercises to practice.They are a perfect way to start my day or a good pick me up practice if feeling drained .They make me feel very energized in my body and calmed in my mind!After completing QFP course I am now a dedicated Long White Cloud student!John Munro is a wonderful and knowledgeable qigong teacher!

– April Bruck


Training in 12 Rivers Qigong with John was one of the best decisions I have made. I have performed a few other Medical Qigong forms and none of them compare to 12 Rivers. The movements are are simple yet require a lot of balance, spatial awareness, and mobility. Thus learning and performing this form on the regular has greatly improved all 3. The knowledge of the course is very in depth, giving the practitioner a good understanding of why they are performing the movements and the effects they have on the corresponding organ and emotions.

– Jonathon Cattrysse


“Knowledgeable, friendly, competent.  Great introduction, clear instructions/explanations.”

– Katja, Research Scientist


“Very clear and informative, a true source of knowledge.  Connecting the dots even though it is a lot of information it really helps to understand the bigger picture.”

– Maria, Accountant


‘Good beginning understanding and relevant info/examples.  Did well keeping it varied and interesting.’

-Justin, Ambulance Officer


”Excellent course – very good introduction to qigong.  Relaxed, clear explanations, good balance of theory and practice.”

– Chris Gulliver


“Very informative.  Good explanations when questions asked.  I most enjoyed feeling the energy.’

– Joel, CSR


‘Very Good! Top marks 🙂 I enjoyed everything, especially the fact that everything was explained really well.  Clear and to the point.’

– Lola, Web Developer


‘Awesome! Good Times’

– David, RNZN



– Abrie, System Admin