Qigong is the art of health, vitality and longevity practised by the Chinese for thousands of years.  It recognises the connection between our body, mind and environment, and that each of us is truly more than the sum of our parts.  This extra something is described as energy, lifeforce, or in Chinese ‘Qi’.  Wherever ‘Qi’ is abundant and flows smoothly there is health and vitality, wherever it is deficient or stagnant there is sickness, pain and dysfunction.

The word ‘Qigong’ is made up of two parts ‘Qi’ meaning energy and ‘Gong’ which means work or skill.  So ‘Qigong’ is the practice of working with our life energy to develop skill with it.  The first priority is to build your own health and wellbeing, and then with dedicated practice, this energy skill can be applied to helping others as well.

There are many different qigong practices that develop energy skill in different ways.  You will find a wide selection of these presented in the courses offered by Long White Cloud Qigong.

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