Between Heaven and Earth comments

I have been practicing qigong for about 3 years. Long White Cloud Qigong online course has been a true gift to me. After trying a online video. I wanted to learn all I could about it. Living in Northern NH there just aren’t  any classes. The courses are very informative and devoted to teaching people qigong.  I just completed the BHE course. John has great knowledge, listens and answers questions to guide students to understand qigong. I am looking forward the next course.

– Joan Flint


I’m currently working through the training for Level 1 Qigong Instructor and I’m getting so much out of it. My awareness is expanding and it’s rehabilitating my body from past injuries. I always feel better after practicing and I especially enjoy the Between Heaven and Earth set. I am looking forward to training with you for years to come and am eagerly anticipating the upcoming levels and any new courses you offer. Thank you John!

– Ami


Both the group videos and emails, and the personal touch that John brought to the ‘Between Heaven and Earth” course made it far more like personal instruction than the rather large class that it was. I learned far, far, more than I thought I would!

– Tim Givan


As an energy healer I am always looking for ways to help others find alignment by raising their energy awareness and recognizing their ability to physically express divine inspiration here on this earth.  Between Heaven and Earth Qigong offers a concrete action through which to open our connection to this energy and allow it flow through in a balanced and harmonious way.  Whether this is a new awareness for you or something you feel you have already achieved, there is expansion through this practice.  John supports everyone through this course in developing their awareness at their own pace and provides insight into any awareness gained.

– Kimberly Bowers


Between Heaven and Earth is a very rewarding course. The exercises learned in it are powerful and practical ways to gather, store, and manipulate the qi in your body and energy field. This is a must-have course for those interested in working on empowering their extraordinary meridians. As usual, the quality of the online materials are superb and the instructor is able and willing to answer student questions in a easily understood, down-to- earth fashion. Fantastic course! Would recommend!

– Scott Smith


John Munro has taken the esoteric seemingly unexplainable practice of qigong and broken it down into very organized and well explained lessons.  Everyone of the classes has added to my awareness of qi and my place between heaven and earth.  I am learning how to move the energy around me and fill up with it or to disperse it as needed.    

Since taking the lessons my ability to see auras (which has been dormant for 40 years or more) has come back and has expanded way beyond what I have ever seen before.  This has been helpful in my massage practice.

– Sarah McMullen


Between Heaven and Earth is a wonderful course that John has curated to present Qigong as a way to learn and discover your own potential for life-long health and happiness.  With the knowledge gained throughout the course, I learned how to manage my mind, restore and improve my body, and coexist in harmony with my environment. I feel more centered and grounded. My poses feel more aligned to allow the optimal flow of qi and release blockages in the mind and body. I have gained much more energy and motivation to get out of the house even in winter, flexibility, confidence in voice and in everyday life and at work and a sense of belonging to the Long White Cloud Qigong family. I am now about to become a Level 1 Qigong Teacher in Melbourne, Australia. I attribute this to being able to experience the alignment between my true nature and the Nature of the universe and all living things. I have even started practicing with my immediate family members, both young and old and they enjoy these qigong exercises now! It’s a beautiful and healing practice that is open to anyone willing to try it. Almost a year into my relationship with Qigong, it has become an important part of my life and I look forward to continuing my practice. I hope to be able to share Qigong with others as I progress to bring more health and harmony to those around me. I am so grateful to John for his generous heart and all of the wonderful people in Long White Cloud Qigong courses.

– Susan Joachim


Between Heaven and Earth is a great form for anyone to practice, especially for those who lack mobility. It really allows the practitioner to begin to feel the Qi flowing throughout their body. Practicing BHE has really improved my ability to feel my energetic field, from head to toes. Allowing me to be more aware of my body throughout the day, and connected to my surroundings.

– Jonathon Cattrysse