Qigong Walking comments

I loved this class because it offers a way to bring qigong into everyday activities- everybody walks!  It seems there are endless ways to apply qigong to walking!

– Sarah McMullen


With Qigong Walking, I can move my practice into the outside world, practicing wherever I’m walking.  John gave us many different ways to feel the qi moving and alive in our bodies, and always encourages us to make the practice our own, developing our own ways of experiencing the qi.

– Mary Whitham


I truly enjoyed the QW course John offered. He provided so many practices for experiencing Qi during the activities of the day.  I use the different teachings every day while walking my dogs and moving from one activity to another. It is such a gift to know how to access and experience Qi in the midst of everyday activities.

John is such a gifted teacher:so able to  explain new ideas and communicate his enthusiasm and sensitivity for living our lives in an embodied and full way.

– Mary Annn Koch


Qigong walking was one of my favorite twelve week courses offered my John Munro.

I take a walk outside everyday. I walk  in my garden I walk around my house. Through this course I discover how to walk in a more mindful and healing way. It was fun actually and I am now able to practice my qigong a few times each day simply using the skills I learned in qigong walking. It is surprising how this helps when one meets resistance to practicing. I simply stop what I am doing and begin walking.  The resistance goes away and I find myself practicing other routines I have learned from John. I really enjoyed the format of the course. The material was presented in slow clear steps and reading the feed back from other students was immensely  helpful.

– Helen Jucevic


As a Longwhitecloud certified qiwalking instructor, I can assure that taking this course is a treasure of valuable exercises. It yields a strong foundation for other qigong series. In his always kind, calm and knowledgeable form, John Munro teaches you how to use your resources optimally. With John as your teacher, you always feel motivated, and your questions get a thoughtful and efficient response. The qiwalking exercises will enhance the flexibility and strength of your legs and feet, improve your balance, all of which allows you to walk on rough or uneven grounds and prevent falling and Stumbling. Working on your posture lends the correct center of gravity to the body. The coordination of breathing and movements, followed by a sharpened body awareness, has the effect of making you use your core as the true engine of walking. The course material is eminently well structured and presented. Besides all the many physical benefits of this course, it is highly enjoyable and fun, so there is every reason to grasp the opportunity and enroll.

– Lene Fogsgaard


I am always excited to set aside time to practice and to teach my students in the methods of Qigong. There is always a residual effect for hours after into the rest of my day. When I learned about Qigong Walking I was exposed to something new. A way to not only feel the benefits of the exercises done earlier in the day or even from prior days but a way to extend the actual practice session into the rest of the day. Let me explain. I do a lot of walking. I can go a whole week without getting into a car. I have the pleasure to live in a city that allows me to walk to everything I need. The ability to learn how to walk in a new way really becomes a bonus.

It becomes hard to try to turn off when you leave the door of the house or studio to the theory you just practiced or learned. It also sometimes takes a substantial amount of time to actually feel the energy in and around us. With Qigong Walking I learned how to follow the energy in my body while walking and moving my limbs in a number of different ways. What was exciting was to learn what is called covert movements. That is to first learn styles of walking that if people saw you walking down the street in such a manor they would think you were a bit crazy. You then become inhibited to actually continue the exercise. The method of Covert movements have you mentally do the exercise and follow the energy patterns in and around your body as you walk normally. This gives you time to develop your feel and understanding of Energy movement. I still find it hard to feel the energy movement yet I do not have the time to really practice to the point that is becomes second nature. With the ability to work on this awareness throughout my day I am excited to say it is working easier. There is nothing more exciting than to follow our energy patterns or see where there might be a blockage or pool of energy and be able to work out a stabilization of the flow. It will also make it easier to teach others to feel their internal energy and energy flows when we are able to find it first ourselves.

Qigong should not just be something to do for an hour during a class and then turn it off when we return to our daily routine. This class gave me tools to take with me throughout the day.

– Louis Hammer