Mysterious Qi comments

This class was a great opportunity to hear from you and other students about the many and varied experiences people have working with energy. It helped me broaden my thinking about what qigong is.

– Sarah McMullen


With Mysterious Qi, John opens up a series of “windows” onto the infinite world of qi, exploring everything from experiencing the qi of the natural world, to moving qi through our bodies, to consciously influencing how our qi interacts with others.  It was my favorite class and I highly recommend it.

– Mary Whitham


The Mysterious Qi course is an adventure if you want to dwell into deeper experiences with qi and discover things that you didn’t even realize that you didn’t know.

One of the most significant things I got out of this course was a lifetime question I was always wondering about. I never could make up my mind about water and wood. I never could decide which one I prefer more and where should I live, near water or near wood. This course helped me to figure this out. I am definitely a wood person with a little bit of water, like a stream just to make it a bit more exiting. Near large waters I don’t feel safe. Although the waters look beautiful and I love their colours, I feel more grounded, safer and cozy in the woods. I love the tree and plant energy, while water almost irritates me. Without this awesome course I would not even had the idea where to go to find this out and not alone to figure out how to do this.

The other big change I can thank to this course is becoming closer with nature. I changed from practicing in the living room to practicing in the garden. I live right next to a completely natural piece of bush that hasn’t been ruined with roundup chemicals and gardening. I enjoy this a lot more now to the inside practice and I feel closer to nature than I ever thought was possible. I have a different experience every day and I really love it.

After this course I started getting a lot of freedom with my practice and started implying more intuition, which I would like to develop a lot more.

Overall this course created a lot more awareness in my qigong studies. I discovered new things about my body, mind and my functioning in everyday life. I have a lot of awesome realisations and improvements. Thank you for another awesome course.

– Linda Knight