Movement in Stillness comments

Ok- If I were to have a favorite class, this would be it!  The meditative quality and the mind body overhaul involved is life changing!  I never want to stop standing and coming back to wuji.  Wuji was an emotional experience for me and one of my students had the same thing happen when they were practicing at home, bursting into tears.  The feeling of coming home.  I also love the 5 element poses.  I have so much more to do with them!

Again, I will refer to these lessons for years and years to come.

– Sarah McMullen


Movement In Stilness course is one of my favorite qigong courses of Long white cloud.
In MIS I learned about the important energy points in the body;
I learned a lot about the difference in energy character.
And most of all I actually felt that time is relative, because MIS is pure meditation.
John is always friendly, quick and clear with his advises and answers to my questions.

– Yvonne van der Kracht


One of the reason I was drawn to qigong was because I always knew mediation would be good for my well being but I just could not meditate. I always fell asleep after five minutes or just simply had to get up and move. When I signed up for this course I was a bit dubious as to how I would really be able to spend half an hour each day with what I though would be meditation. I have to say I did great. Each week we got to practice a new form of stillness that calmed my mind down and amazingly enough connected me to the movement that was constantly happening in and around my body. I now include one of the practices I learned everyday in my daily routine. I can feel how it helps align my physical body and my energy body. It seems to be strengthening me from the inside out. As usually John makes the course fun and engaging and brings all the participants  together as a supportive group. This helped on those days when I did not feel like practicing. This is a course I would recommend for anyone wanting to find out what actually Qi might be.

– Helen Jucevic