Comments from people who have attended our Qigong workshops and courses

I started Qigong training with Long White Cloud about a year and a half ago. At the time, I was experiencing debilitating sciatica pain and anxiety. There are 2 things that helped and are helping me heal, eating enough nutritious food and doing daily Qigong. I have learned so much about myself and about Qigong through the Level 1 Instructor courses. Every single time, I feel refreshed, more awake, relaxed and calm after my Qigong practice. This is now a lifestyle more than an exercise for me. John has gently encouraged me to stick with my practice through thick and thin and I can’t thank him enough. I feel such a great sense of accomplishment having completed the courses and testing for Level 1 and I will be continuing training with Long White Cloud as long as it is still offered. I’m feeling so much better after completing this course. I actually practice qigong and am more dedicated now that I have finished the course. I feel a sense of accomplishment and power in knowing that I have this skill now to deepen my spiritual practice and heal my body on a deep level. 

–  Amitabha Metta Love


I first learned of John Munro in 2010 after searching for qigong materials. I came across his book “Qigong Foundation Practice” and found it to be very easy to follow. After finding his website and learning more about John’s experience and knowlege I followed his Foundation Practices course online.  I was skeptical at first, thinking I would need to visit New Zealand to really understand the material. However, John’s gifted manner in which he teaches translated this ancient art very well through video and after a year of study I had the honor of hosting John in my home during his travels around the world.

I have continued to study both Qigong and Kung Fu with John since 2011, completing his cources in QFP through MIS and looking forward to studying Qigong Healing this coming year. I am currently a Level II instructor, soon to test for Level III and I have loved every step of my journey with LWC. Sharing this gift with others is the true test of how wonderful the courses are. When I see the impact the exercises have on people and how thankful my students are to have made the same discoveries it adds more to my soul. John is a gifted spirit with tremendous knowledge in the healing arts. His patience and understanding of the human condition seperates his teaching from many others in the field. Although you will recieve much more in person, his online courses are unmatched and you will be changed for the better. I highly recomnend Long White Cloud to all humans. Enjoy your journey.

– Benny Kennedy, Arizona, USA


As a teacher in meditation for almost 24 years, I have found that taking the courses Qigong Walking, Release the Power of Your Breath and  Mysterious Qigong have greatly added to my teaching and my personal practice.  I am happy to say as a certified Qigong instructor these courses greatly contribute to peace and wellness.  My students –  particularly in juvenile justice – respond very well to the exercises when I incorporate them into my original teaching technique.  They are valuable foundations for your Qigong practice whether you use them personally or are contemplating moving forward to teach.  Master John has done a commendable job in bringing these courses to the world.

– Kaz Akers


Long White Cloud Qi Gong offers high-quality, excellent courses.  Previously, I studied two different forms of Qi Gong.  And one of those was a program designed by a very well-known, leading Qi Gong expert in my country.  I can honestly say that I got so much more out of John’s program.  So far, I have completed QFP and BHE. I was impressed by how comprehensive and thorough the material was, and how well the exercises work on many different levels.   I didn’t imagine that I could learn so much from an online format, but it was very well presented, clearly communicated, and easy to understand.

 Furthermore, it answered so many questions I had about Qi Gong which I never really understood from my prior training.  I am practicing what I learned from John almost every day.  And the positive effects on my body, mind, and energy level far surpasses the results I gained from my prior practices.  I will definitely continue my studies with Long White Cloud Qi Gong.  I would recommend it to anyone who is considering.  You will not be disappointed, and the quality and value is definitely beyond what you might be imagining.

– Angela Bothwell


The course material is excellently set out, easy to use and follow. The videos also very well produced and correlate very well with the written material. Once an work at ones own pace, which releases any pressure to “perform” or achieve. The quality of the information and teaching are equally of a very high standard.  The presentation has been very consciously reflected upon and this provides us with very useful material to enrich our studies.

John Munro is a very talented, generous and very excellent teacher.  He lives and breathes his practice.  I have not looked back since meeting him both virtually and then on workshops inBrighton. The practices and teaching enrich my own practice and teaching.  The benefits I derive from study and practice are felt in my everyday life, where I find a deeper sense of inner peace, physical grounding and  relaxation and spiritual connection with myself and all around.

– Mohini Chatlani


Interested in the benefits of movement my whole life, as I got into my middle years, I found that exercise and movement became as much a spiritual practice for me as it was a physical practice. I became more and more interested in eastern approaches to movement, especially qigong, and because of limitations of being able to travel, I sought an online opportunity that felt authentic to me. I came across John Munro’s program at Long White Could Qigong and asked questions. John took the time to answer my questions mindfully and I finally decided to commit to the certification course and a year later, I am very happy I did. John’s videos and personal attention to students helped me understand qigong in a learning style that worked for me as someone raised in a western tradition. I utilize what I learned from Long White Cloud Qigong daily with my personal training clients and practice myself regularly as well. I highly recommend John Munro and Long White Cloud Qigong.

– Julia Menzo


The Level 1 Chi Gong Instructor Certification program was thoroughly enjoyable for me.  With the QFP course, at first there was a lot of learning about the movements themselves.  I felt that just as I was ready, Mr. Monroe added the energetic concepts to the exercises. At this point the exercises became more personal and I got a deeper meaning out of them.  I felt the exercises in the Between Heaven and Earth class were very helpful in moving significant amounts of chi through my body.  The ETF classes helped me be less critical of my efforts and really play and flow with my movement.  The Meditations were great for me to explore the different forms of energy and how they are held and flow through the body.  I feel energized and more fluid after taking the courses.  I also enjoyed the live interaction at the end of the courses when I had the opportunity to skype with Mr. Monroe.  It was not a critique but more of an interaction where he showed me how making some subtle changes in my movements would increase the flow of energy through my body.  I highly recommend the Long White Cloud courses to anyone interested in learning about Qigong!

– Jennie Goff


John is an amazingly gifted instructor in our modern age of on-line learning. Somehow he is able to transmit solid teachings from half-way around the world and yet it feels like he is you friend and neighborhood instructor! His warmth, ability to impart knowledge succinctly and kindly, and interest in us as students is imparted in each video, email and skype conversation.

I was particularly impressed by his detailed response to my questions during the Foundations class. I was especially interested in the emotions each organ was associated with and so impressed with the time he took to answer my questions and expand my understanding of this complex issue. I never felt like I was burdening him or that he was rushing to respond. Each email communicated his enthusiasm for the topic, for teaching and for helping his students.

He is a unique person and I recommend his classes to anyone who is interested in learning qi gong!

– Mary Ann Koch


Quality of the material that you are learning qigong from in these courses is exeptional. Not only that you get detailed instructions but the support of instructor and further detailed explanations of anything that is unclear is on point and fast. I could have never imagined the onoine course to be so indepth but yet easy to follow. You are walked through sections of each course step by step, and each step further is a logical advance from the last one. I with all my heart recommed all the course listed here.

– Jelena Vuletic


Long White Cloud Qigong’s online courses are just great. They are well structured, easy to follow and, most importantly, the content is excellent.  John’s skills and knowledge about qigong are clearly on a very high level, and at the same time his way of teaching is very down to earth, practical and approachable. He also combines in his teachings the ancient wisdom of the qigong tradition and modern day knowledge in a very balanced way. I can whole-heartedly recommend his online courses to anyone who has a genuine interest and motivation to learn qigong.

– Tomas Vapaataival


I got certified as a Qigong Instructor Level 1 a few months back and I am currently working on my Level II certification. The courses allowed me to not only improve on a personal level but also on a professional one. i am a certified Chinese Medicine practitioner and the connection I feel with the energy improved dramatically which in turn allowed me to help my patients  more effectively. The courses are easy to follow, very well structured and just require your consistency and motivation. John has written many books that compliment the courses. He is always there to answer any questions, to organise workshops and to share his knowledge and pass on a tradition that has been there for generations.

– Sandra De Foucault


I would not say this lightly, but in many ways, I have received greater benefits from this distance course than many of the courses and teachings that I have been to live. THANK YOU!!!

– Tim Givan


John has a gift for expressing abstract concepts in a concrete way making them easy to understand and apply.  His passion for what he does shines through his commitment to his students’ understanding and the depth of response to all questions asked.  Classes provide both physical direction as well as theory.  I have learned a wealth of information and feel prepared to share that information with others.  I have had the intention to study Qigong for years, but was unable to find a local teacher.  Thanks to Long White Cloud, I am now teaching Qigong in my area and sharing the many benefits with others in my community.

– Kimberly Bowers


Long White Cloud QiGong has been a wonderful experience for me. Now into my sixties, a cancer survivor, I appreciate the flexibility, mindfulness, and stamina the learned practice has given me. John’s courses are brilliantly composed into manageable components so that the student can master one exercise or theory at a time. The video lessons are well done and the each is supported with on-line instructions and John’s personal and valuable feedback. It is so evident– the dedication and integrity of John’s work! I have recommended Long White Cloud QiGong to many since I started. I am proud to be part of it and to share the life-long benefits and wisdom of Qigong.

– Corinne Corcoran


John Munro defines what the energy is and teaches us how we can aware of energy inside and outside of the body. He is not only using ancient Qigong methods but he is using his own Qigong movement that he developed uniquely. John has a great martial art back ground and a medical knowledge of TCM so his explanation is easy to understand due to highly qualified and simplicity. With Long White Cloud Qigong, there’s not only slow movement, he teach us also fast movement which affect our body function efficiently. We need both Yin and Yang for our lives. John gives us finest qigong practice. John’s teaching style is unique! John’s teaching style is like “He is sitting next you and talk you as friend”. He is very friendly and will explain with simplicity and using very nice analogy to help us understanding what we are learning. I always enjoy his analogy for qigong study. The progressing weekly report will help John to see his student progress so we can get appropriate advice from John. Also John has set up Q&A weekly that help student deep understand of Qigong practice. I think this is an excellent system. I guaranteed you will enjoy learning Qigong with John. John is one of greatest Qigong teacher in the world.

I have been learning Qigong from John for three years. While I am learning Qigong my life was up and down as normal human life. John has encouraged me to develop my life and transform my life better with Qigong. His Qigong methods is not only simplicity and informative but he teaches us relationship of mind and body as core of energy system of universe, also interaction of emotional state that help us to become healthy mind. My soul has grown up with LWCQ practice and currently I am an instructor of Long White Cloud Qigong and I teach LWCQ’s methods of Qigong to the community people time to time.

– Aiko Fukumoto


I would like to share how much I have benefited from studying qigong with John Munro. John is gentle and kind and very funny at times. The written information and videos are over the top amazing. They are clear and evenly paced making them easy and enjoyable to follow. With any skill it’s the daily practice that I find brings me most benefits. I have taken a number of Johns twelve week modules and each one slowly but surely allows me to learn and practice the new skills at my level. I needed adaptations due to a spinal issue and he alway went out of his way to make this accessible and understandable. I have experienced quite a number of teachers in my life and I consider  John Munro to be one of the rare gems that I am so grateful to have encountered. ” It’s not magic but it’s magical”  is how he describes qigong. Well, he makes this come true by explaining how and why the magic happens in a language even a non scientific person like me can follow.

And to top it all he has the most wonderful smile.

– Helen Jucevic


Longwhitecloud, run by John Munro, is making every effort to impart the benefits of Qi gong to a broad public. Through different relevant themes John has succeeded in creating a range of stimulating courses and infusing them with his very own style and enthusiasm. A real quality product among the many mumbo jumbo ones on the Net. John as a teacher has admirable qualities: undeniable knowledge of the matter and huge competence when transmitting his own qigong expertise to his students and demonstrating it in numerous pertinent videos. He seems tireless when it comes to responding adequately to his students’ questions during a Course. I have come to highly appreciate not only his inspiring and humorous didactic style , in particular his undogmatic, open-minded approach to qigong. As a student of John’s you feel well attended to in every aspect. His guidance is clear and careful, always to the point. I’m grateful that I enrolled in two of John’s courses. I hope to be able to follow up with more courses in the future and consider it a huge privilege to be under the tutelage of John Munro. He deserves to be supported in his generous aspirations of spreading qigong throughout the world.

– Lene Fogsgaard


This is the real thing, energy cultivation.  Not memorizing forms and making minute adjustments to your posture.  Not an old school master with an ego problem.  Not a “new school” teacher who is just repeating what she memorized.   This teaching is alive.  It’s real.  Of course, you have to practice, and put in some time.  If you do, you will be amazed.

– Mary Whitham


The Qigong courses offered by John Munro has certainly added value to my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. For example, hearing John describe the connection of Qigong to the wonders of nature, including how our systems function and correspond, has enhanced my connection to nature and my work as a forest therapy guide.

Last year, I decided to try Qigong and started searching for a local class when somehow John’s Long White Cloud Qigong website showed up. I had not tried Qigong before but I was curious. Plus, I felt an instant connection with John without even talking to or meeting him. I immediately contacted John online and shortly after enrolled in the first course that was starting, Enter the Flow. Qigong is a life-long journey of learning and discovery for me now and an important ingredient in my recipe for wellness, mindfulness and self-care.

John’s teaching style is easy to understand, especially the way in which he explains the meaning behind the movements. Each lesson incorporates a new exercise with detailed explanations, which keeps me motivated and interested. John is committed to his work as evidenced by the detailed way in which he responds to the weekly questions from the class he is teaching. I hold him in profound, high regard. John is truly a gifted teacher. I now have a much clearer understanding of qigong history, theory and practice. John’s passion for and extensive study of Qigong makes him an excellent teacher for all levels, beginner to advanced practitioner.

– Susan Joachim


I would like to take opportunity to thank John at Long White Cloud Qigong. Although this course is online, the weekly interaction and the Skype session you feel like a valued student, and by the end of each course have the feeling you actually know John as he is approachable and seems to always go the extra mile in offering support and advise. The knowledge supplied is clearly from someone who is knowledgeable and experienced, and teaches out of passion not just for Qigong but for the benefits it offers. After each course I feel confident to understand and integrate my practice in daily life which has greatly improved not my mind but body as well.

Thank you so much

– Paul Manning


Working with John has been amazing, he always provides in depth answers and analysis for the questions that are asked. You can really tell through his answers that John is very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to Qigong.

– Jay Catt


Long White Cloud Qigong is an important resource providing excellent learning possibilities for understanding Qigong practice as instructed by John Munro. The courses and teachings are well instructed, intelligently informative, and an effective bridge for modernising the depth that Qigong has to offer. The teachings offered are the real deal. What may begin with a little work around developing an understanding of how our breath can change ones health can eventually lead to a depth of understanding with an immensely purposeful and meaningful philosophy and practice to enrich the life of oneself and others. Qigong has the potential to remove any limitations we experience through a lack of understanding and poor life practice. The courses that John Munro offers and teaches are fundamental practices to significantly empower our lives and give us the tools we need to achieve what ever we find most meaningful. John’s teaching style is patient, caring, effective, and extremely enjoyable which is encouraging and essential to keep this practice alive. The help I have received from John, both directly and indirectly, has definitely helped me to understand some of the finer points of body practices and remind me how such seemingly insignificant and often forgotten habits can drastically change my world. I can not express my gratitude enough.

– Jared Elliott


The breathing exercises were something that has improved my health in just one week. As a martial arts practitioner I am very aware of how important breathing is but to be honest I couldn’t believe how much I would improve in just one week. It has brought to my attention the awareness of my whole body, how it works with every breath and how every cell in my body has this amazing dance that it does with the oxygen that enters. Transferring to my everyday living it gives me more strength and clarity of mind.



I have been following your courses online and I find them really helpful. I am 69 and very healthy. I exercise and meditate regularly however the QiGong has been a real boost to my energy level. Its a lot of fun to explore all the different aspects and courses you offer at ease in my own home. I find I can access and expand my own energy during all my daily activities and it ‘s exciting to see how my balance, flexibility, muscle strength have really improved . I love your calm, simple presentation and the short videos give me time to absorb and practice each exercise in my own time. Very good work and thank you.

– Maureen


I have been working in the fitness industry for 20 years. I have been flamenco for over 20 years. After a fall from a 7 foot roof, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis and had to have an operation. I blissfully found LONG WHITE CLOUD QIGONG and it really helped with my arthritis,if I dont do  it on a day I really feel it…Qigong is amazing, as it also helped me with my bipolar disorder and anxiety.Thank you John Munro, you saved my life. I look forward to sharing this blissful joy with others…

– Louise Krohman



I just wanted to email you to thank you for the courses that you’ve created. 

I’ve been struggling with severe nerve pain due to a chronic medical condition for years, and I haven’t found much relief in conventional medicine. On top of that, I have a very stressful and emotionally draining job as a mental health social worker. I’d been feeling pretty overwhelmed, and hopeless. 

By working through the Foundations course, I’ve finally found some peace. The 12 exercises have brought me more relief from the pain than any of my prescriptions, and I’m finding myself so much more centered and capable of handling the chaos at work. Qigong is exactly what I’ve needed, and I’m really looking forward to learning more.

As soon as pay day rolls around, I definitely intend on giving a donation. But I just really wanted to give you my gratitude.

Thanks again,



I came across John Munro’s online courses at Long White Cloud Qigong by pure luck, and it was luck indeed. I was looking for some information on Qigong as I knew very little about it.

The first course, which I took was the Qigong Foundation Practices. I found the course to be very thorough, extremely well structured, with multiple videos and texts with all the information which I needed. I really liked the fact that it went slowly, step by step and that it gave me the time and space to experience Qigong. I took my time to complete the course. There was a sense that I could take as long as I needed: I simply filled up the Practice Journal to record my experiences. If I had questions I emailed John who was always very prompt in answering me.

Something that I really appreciated and which carried over when I met John and had some private lessons and workshops with him was exactly that: I was always treated with respect no matter what my questions were and how many times I asked. John is a very patient teacher: he gives the information in a very precise and knowledgeable way but there is never a judgement. The same thing happened when I met him for my exams: I could relax into the experience because despite the fact that John was there to evaluate me I experienced the test as another sharing of his knowledge and not so much a traumatic experience of being judged.

I have worked steadily through many of the online courses offered by the Long White Cloud Qigong website and I could say similar things for all of the courses. I am presently doing the Movement in Stillness course and am working towards finishing my Level Two Certification.

Those courses such as Qigong Walking (one of my favourites), Qigong meditations, Between Heaven and Earth,etc, have been a real pleasure. I think that “pleasure” is the key word for me. Each week there is a new text and a new video which shows me the new moves. This allows for a new exploration. Nothing is overwhelming in those courses: if you want to spend more than a week on one particular aspect of the course you can.

The process is therefore very important and this is what I treasure about those courses.

If you have not understood something, or even if you just want to revisit some aspects you can go back to the video and you may discover some new thing that you had missed the first time.

I am very impressed with the depth of knowledge that is displayed in those courses and I can only imagine the number of hours that John spent putting those courses together. There is a real skill in knowing how to share one’s knowledge in a way that is clear, well explained, well structured and well paced. I once heard that the gift of a good teacher is to transform material, which may be complicated into something that is simple and accessible to all. John, I think that you have proved how good a teacher you are.

You are also a good, decent, human being and you are a joy to be around.

I wish you the very best in the continuation of your endeavour as Qigong teacher and I thank you very much for having enriched my life with the gift of Qigong.

– Elisabeth Pomès


Here is my story with Qigong. Feel free to re-edit it, as I am not a good writer or story teller.

In 2001 I was very blessed to visit South Korea. I volunteered in a summer camp (Gandhi summer school), home stayed for a week and then I participated in a Youth Forum for Peace. I was there for a month and that month turned my life around – not that I was in a horrible place with my life, but it opened my “spiritual door”. So, in the summer camp we did all sort of activities, but one stood up by far. This skinny, very flexible and calm man showed up one day and he was holding the class in the gym. Great! What is this? Unfortunately none of the teachers who spoke English were there so we had to figure it out. Just do what he does we said. I do remember he was telling us to breath by mouth only and we were moving veeeeeery slow. And then it was like he hypnotized us because we all felt asleep. But when we woke up, OMG I don’t think I was ever that relaxed, light and worry free. For me that was it! I want more! What was that? What did he do to us? And that is how I came to find about Qigong and Tai Chi.

After I returned home I told everybody about it. And then one day a friend came by my work and told me about this women practicing Reiki. What’s that? I went to check it out. I was so ecstatic that I found something to develop my energy at home. Not long after another friend came to me to tell me about Qigong. What’s that? I think that’s what you practiced in Korea, she said. So I went to the class and I remember the first two classes I was mostly sitting down because I had huge nausea. But I continued with Reiki and Qigong.

A few years later a moved to Florida and practiced a little less every day. In time I preoccupied myself with other things and didn’t practice Qigong, nor Reiki at all.

Then one day I started to hurt again (I have lower back problems which dissipated with Qigong practice, but reappeared in the absence of Qigong). I started to look for classes around me, but with two little kids, a job and a house to take care of, there was no way I had time to go some place for an hour plus commute time. And God sent me John. I had to do some research on internet and I looked at some of his videos. He has this calm surrounding him that gives me comfort that I’m on good hands. He “decomposes” every exercise in the most simplistic and explicit way that he leaves no room for confusions. I remember contacting him again after two weeks of every day practice because I was very disturbed as I could not remember the sequence of the exercises. My memory was really blurred back then.  His reassurance gave me calm and more confidence to stick with Qigong practice. I am also very happy to be part of this beautiful Qigong family that John has created.

Obviously my health and overall being has improved since I restarted Qigong. Now I am working to start teaching Qigong this fall. Thanks to John I am able to do that!

Again, thank you John for all your great effort and support and for always being there when I need you!

– Cosmina Lemoine


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