Enter The Flow comments

Enter the flow was incredible. For me, it tied together many different pieces of Qigong knowledge, and integrated them seamlessly. It was in perfect company with the other three level one courses.

– Timothy Givan


Between Heaven and Earth and Enter the flow exercises are amazing, only after a couple of exercises I could feel the powerful flow in my body. As I tuned in deeper I can feel/perceive the flow of the qi growing… once the energy was comfortably flowing through the body, it was easier to follow the natural qi flow movements.

– Jasmina Bulatovic


One of the great things about the Enter the Flow course from Long White Cloud is how you are taught how to gather and manipulate Qi in ways that are usable in everyday life. You learn how to use Qi properly when walking, fighting, or just doing everyday movements that are a obvious part of life – practical usage that helps you outside of the studio or dojo. I really liked this course because of that. The freestyle was especially fun and enlightening. Thumbs up!

– Scott Smith


To join the Enter the flow course is an excellent way to learn about how to get qi awareness and have it circulate through your body. The meaning of Qi as a concept may be difficult to catch. But the practice of Qi flow is certainly facilitated under John Munro’s skilled guidance. Among the many virtues of this course is a rather original use of the idea of “free style qigong”. An idea which I think deserves to be further exploited and promoted in Qigong. To invite us to improvise our own set of qigong forms without fixed choreography, but according to what comes to your mind from one movement to the next, is a challenging, useful and pleasurable experience. I am about to finish ETF these days, and when I look back on the process I feel convinced that I have acquired invaluable tools in order to perform my daily tasks. I wish the same positive experience for everybody – it’s really worthwhile!

ETF is a really enjoyable and useful course. If you did not know or feel what it is like to do energy work and work with your energy flow, you are sure to know it after having completed this course. The progression of the course is wisely organized, the instructions clear and the variety of exercises pleasing.

I particularly sympathize with John’s idea of bringing the energy work into the mundane daily activities. You integrate your energy awareness in your everyday routines.

The concept of free style qigong, at the core of this course, is an interesting idea. In free style you can focus fully on the energy flow and get useful feedback on how things are working.

I can recommend Enter the flow warmly. So, thank you John Munroe for another (in)valuable course.

– Lene Fogsgaard, Denmark


What I liked best about the course was the opportunity to go more deeply into what I’ve already been learning with Long White Cloud Qigong and how to work with energy awareness and the flow. As a student of John’s course, you are always presented with additional and inspiring knowledge about Qigong. I was able to retain much more information because of the way in which John presents the course and exercises. I looked forward to the weekly Q&A sessions at the end of the week as I learned so much from John’s responses to the class. So, you really don’t feel this is just an online course – it is in fact very engaging and intensive. Also, John’s teaching style is lively and engaging, and he has a tremendous store of knowledge and experience to share. John is a truly gifted Qigong Master and teacher!

– Susan Joachim