Qigong Foundation Practices

Welcome to the Qigong Foundation Practices online training course.



Qigong Foundation Practices (QFP) is an excellent place to begin your qigong training.  The course is based primarily around online video instruction.  In this course you will learn the basics of:

  • Qigong history and theory
  • Focus and meditation for qigong
  • Breathing for qigong
  • Stance and posture for qigong
  • Energy Awareness

The main focus of the course is a set of twelve moving exercises, one for each of the main organs and meridians in the Chinese medical system.  These exercises, while simple are incredibly sophisticated.  They will give you a deep understanding of the relationship between posture and movement, emotion and mindstate, and the functioning of your internal organs.  These exercises will be a tool to increasing your health and wellbeing and will provide you with a boost of energy whenever you need it.


There are several downloadable documents that you will find useful as you study this course.

  1. Organ and meridian charts.  This document contains charts which will give you a general idea of the location of the organs and meridians.  The document is laid out as A5 pages, so you will be able to print out two pages per sheet if you are using an A4 printer.  You can download the document here: Meridian and Organ Charts
  2. Practice Journal.  This document contains pages for you to record your experiences as you learn and practice the exercises contained in this course.  Writing down your experiences helps you to distill for yourself the lessons and insights that you gain as you practice.  You will find that your learning is enhanced as you do this.  Recording your practice sessions also helps you to maintain your own personal accountability and will help you to practice regularly.  Finally, completed practice journals are required for those students who would like to seek instructor certification at a later date.  This document is laid out as A4 pages.  You can download the document here, pdf: Practice Journal  Word document: QFP Practice Log
While you should be able to get everything you need from the videos posted online, you may want to get the book ‘Qigong Foundation Practices’ as an additional resource.  Helpful readings from this book are referred to in the course where appropriate.

You can buy this book from the book depository here

Or from Amazon.com here:

Qigong: Foundation Practices: Twelve Health Exercises From The Wah Family System

The course material is organized by week on the following pages.  Click on the links to take you to the section you are up to:


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 Enjoy the course!