Movement In Stillness

Welcome to the ‘Movement In Stillness’ (MIS) online qigong study course from Long White Cloud Qigong.  This course will provide an introduction to Zhan Zhuang or Standing Post qigong practice.  In these Standing Post exercises the external body is very still, and within this external stillness we find great internal movement of energy and the vital internal functions.

In this course we will introduce a number of different standing exercises organized into ‘weeks’.  Each of these individual exercises can be productively practiced for many weeks, months or even years – continuing to develop greater skill and further insight.  So for some of the practices you may want to spend more than the allotted ‘week’ in the course if you do not think that you have quite got the feel of the exercise by the end of the week.  However, for most students it is recommended that you think of this course as an introduction.  You do not need to plumb the depths of each exercise at this stage, the purpose of each week is to introduce you to different aspects of practice and help you to get the general feel of how the different exercises work.  You can return to exercises that you want to spend more time on and explore them in greater depth once you have completed the course.  Mastery of these practices may take a lifetime…

This course is a standalone course and can be practiced by anyone, whether you are completely new to qigong or have many years of experience.  There are however aspects of this course that will be easier for you if you have already completed some of the other Long White Cloud Qigong courses.  Within the Long White Cloud Qigong instructor certification program, this course forms part of the level three instructor requirements.

You can download a practice journal to help keep track of your insights and experiences as you go through the Movement In Stillness course here, pdf: MIS Practice Journal Word doc: MIS Practice Journal  This is a requirement if you want to seek certification at some point, and also a useful tool for everyone to help focus your experience

You can find the information for each week of the Movement In Stillness practices in the links below.  Be sure to also check out the Introductory Material, as there is important information there that will inform your practice and also warm up and cool down exercises:


MIS – Introductory Material

MIS Week One – Wuji

MIS Week Two – Wuji (Extension)

MIS Week Three – Three Centres

MIS Week Four – Three Centres (Extension)

MIS Week Five – Connect to Heaven and Earth

MIS Week Six – Connect  to Heaven and Earth (Extension)

MIS Week Seven – Five elements

MIS Week Eight – Five Elements (Extension)

MIS Week Nine – Directing Energy (Preparation)

MIS Week Ten – Directing Energy

MIS Week Eleven – Directing Energy (Extension)

MIS Week Twelve – Return to Wuji