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The breathing exercises were something that has improved my health in just one week. As a martial arts practitioner I am very aware of how important breathing is but to be honest I couldn’t believe how much I would improve in just one week. It has brought to my attention the awareness of my whole body, how it works with every breath and how every cell in my body has this amazing dance that it does with the oxygen that enters. Transferring to my everyday living it gives me more strength and clarity of mind.


I have been following your courses online and I find them really helpful. I am 69 and very healthy. I exercise and meditate regularly however the QiGong has been a real boost to my energy level. Its a lot of fun to explore all the different aspects and courses you offer at ease in my own home. I find I can access and expand my own energy during all my daily activities and it ‘s exciting to see how my balance, flexibility, muscle strength have really improved . I love your calm, simple presentation and the short videos give me time to absorb and practice each exercise in my own time. Very good work and thank you.

– Maureen

I have been working in the fitness industry for 20 years. I have been flamenco for over 20 years. After a fall from a 7 foot roof, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis and had to have an operation. I blissfully found LONG WHITE CLOUD QIGONG and it really helped with my arthritis,if I dont do  it on a day I really feel it…Qigong is amazing, as it also helped me with my bipolar disorder and anxiety.Thank you John Munro, you saved my life. I look forward to sharing this blissful joy with others…

– Louise Krohman


I just wanted to email you to thank you for the courses that you’ve created. 

I’ve been struggling with severe nerve pain due to a chronic medical condition for years, and I haven’t found much relief in conventional medicine. On top of that, I have a very stressful and emotionally draining job as a mental health social worker. I’d been feeling pretty overwhelmed, and hopeless. 

By working through the Foundations course, I’ve finally found some peace. The 12 exercises have brought me more relief from the pain than any of my prescriptions, and I’m finding myself so much more centered and capable of handling the chaos at work. Qigong is exactly what I’ve needed, and I’m really looking forward to learning more.

As soon as pay day rolls around, I definitely intend on giving a donation. But I just really wanted to give you my gratitude.

Thanks again,



Qigong Foundation Practices

“Knowledgeable, friendly, competent.  Great introduction, clear instructions/explanations.”

– Katja, Research Scientist


“Very clear and informative, a true source of knowledge.  Connecting the dots even though it is a lot of information it really helps to understand the bigger picture.”

– Maria, Accountant


‘Good beginning understanding and relevant info/examples.  Did well keeping it varied and interesting.’

-Justin, Ambulance Officer


”Excellent course – very good introduction to qigong.  Relaxed, clear explanations, good balance of theory and practice.”

– Chris Gulliver


“Very informative.  Good explanations when questions asked.  I most enjoyed feeling the energy.’

– Joel, CSR


‘Very Good! Top marks 🙂 I enjoyed everything, especially the fact that everything was explained really well.  Clear and to the point.’

– Lola, Web Developer


‘Awesome! Good Times’

– David, RNZN



– Abrie, System Admin


Release the Power of Your Breath

“A great workshop – great information and practical applications for something we do all the time yet don’t know much about”

– Asa, IT Admin


“I have learnt heaps to help myself & clients”

– Carolyn, Nutrition & Iridology


“Clear and easy to understand.  A good session that should definitely benefit me in my training.”

– Adam, Garden Centre Salesperson


“Practical exercises for how we can improve our wellbeing”

– Maria, Accountant


“Great day, thankyou”

– Helen, PA


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