WAP Week Twelve: First Principles

Week Twelve: First Principles

Your task this week is to go back to first principles.

  • Choose one of the animals that you have practiced during the course.
  • Review and practice all of the movements for that animal again.
  • Find as many videos of the animal doing different activities as you can and watch them (even better if you can see a live animal in person).
  • Observe the movements and energy of the animal. Think about how you can integrate this into your qigong.
  • Come up with at least one, and possibly several new movements which imitate the animal, and incorporate them into your wild animal play.
  • Analyse what organs, elements and other aspects of your energy are stimulated by the movements you create.


This can be a challenging process if you have not done it before, but it can also be a lot of fun!  Try lots of things, they don’t all have to work, try different movements out to see how they feel, change them or discard them if they don’t feel right. Through trial and error and conscious awareness you may discover some interesting and useful things.

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Wild Animal Play. You can spend a lot of time working with each animal, refining the movements and energy and exploring further movement possibilities. You can also work with other animals to learn lessons from them and gain inspiration and tools for working with your own energy.

Practicing in this way goes right back to the roots of qigong and helps you to gain a deeper understanding of how the practices work and to truly connect with its essence.


Extra video – Why do the five animals in this order?