WAP Week Eleven: Dragon Part Two

Week Eleven: Dragon Part Two

This week we will learn additional movements to expand our Dragon repertoire.  We will begin by looking at several movements separately, you can then put these together into your own sequences as you play with the Dragon energy.


This Weeks Practice Sessions:

Begin your sessions with the Alignment, Centering and Opening exercises from week one and a few repetitions of the warmups from week two before proceeding onto the new movements. End your session with more of the Alignment, Centering and Opening exercises.

The Dragon movements should feel fluid and powerful, like you are radiating energy out from the center of your powerful body.  You can do the movements fast or slow as you work on becoming familiar with them and making them fluid, but to gain the full Fiery nature of the movements they should eventually be done quite quickly.

Dragon Walk

Step forward turning your feet inwards, then continue stepping forward turning your feet out.  This is the same stepping pattern used in the ‘Open and Close’ exercise in the qigong walking course.  This alternates between stimulating the meridians on the inside of the leg (Kidneys and Spleen) and the meridian on the outside of the leg (Gallbladder).

Next use this same pattern while turning, as you turn forwards turn your feet in and as you turn backward turn your feet out so that you so that you can turn smoothly and continuously as you walk.

Dragon Forwards Swim

Step forward and swing one arm in a figure of eight in front of your body. Step forward again swinging the other arm in a figure of eight in front of your body.

Dragon Turning Swim

A forward swing of your arm becomes a backward swing when you face the other way. You can turn while swinging your arms continuously and you will alternate between forwards and backwards swings to do this. The whole movement should be one continuous fluid motion.

Dragon Combinations

You can combine any of the movements from the Dragon warm ups with your Dragon walking. This can create interesting changes in rhythm and variety of expression as you move smoothly from one type of movement to another. The aim is to produce a continuous ‘flame’ of energy from your motion.

Dragon Play

Combine all of the movements together to play at moving around with the energy of the Dragon. Let the energy guide you and feel free to improvise further movements in harmony with the Dragon energy.