QW Week Twelve – Review: Putting It All Together

The walking qigong practices in this course have been designed to build on each other.  This week you will try putting them all together as you walk, progressively adding one energy focus to the next until you are doing them all at once.  You may also want to spend some time exploring some of the specific Qigong Walking exercises included in the Bonus Material.

Qigong Walking

You can practice this either overtly or covertly.  Overtly you would do each of the practices from preceding weeks in order starting with rise and fall from week one, including movements with the arms and so on to help stimulate and focus the energy awareness.  Covertly you would just review each energy focus in your mind and feel it inside as you walk.  This makes for an interesting and varied walking qigong practice session.
To begin with your awareness will just switch from one energy focus to the next, but with time your aim is to maintain the previous focuses while moving on to each new one, so in the end you maintain all of them at once.  This is a little bit like looking at a tree, you can look at one branch at a time to see detail, or you can gradually take in more and more detail until you are viewing the whole tree at once.