QW Week Three – Spiralling

This week we will be focusing on spiralling energy in our practice.  If you have completed the Between Heaven and Earth course, you will recognize this type of movement as we used it to activate the thrusting vessel in that course.  Our focus on the spiralling will be a little different this time and of course we will be walking with the spiralling energy.  This time we will be focusing on the stability created by spiralling as well as the channelling through motion of energy.

QW 03

We will begin by placing one foot forward flat on the ground and gently making a spiralling motion with the leg.  A spiral motion gently explores the range of motion and support in all directions around the joint.  By moving a little in each direction around the joint the centre point if found and the tissues are engaged to support from all directions.  This greatly improves stability and balance as you are now able to comfortably move a little in each direction before returning to the centre.  It becomes much harder to move you in a direction that is weak and which you will overbalance in because you have the flexibility of at least a little movement in all directions.  Follow the spiralling motion from your feet upwards and through your ankle, knee and hip.  Repeat with your other leg.

Next with both feet flat on the ground, spiral with your waist and follow the spiralling energy from your feet up your legs and up your spine and torso.

Finally practice spiralling each arm with the palm facing down in a relaxed position not far from your side.  Follow the spiralling motion all the way through your body.

Spiralling motions are great for channelling energy, the activation on all sides makes a great conduit through the centre.  You can choose to channel the energy in different ways.  For example you could choose to channel the energy up your right leg, up your torso and then down and out your right arm.  Or you could change this so that you channel the energy up your right leg, up your torso and then out your left arm.  You can experiment with this in different ways.

You may find that as you practice these spiralling motions you find parts of your body that are stiff or weak that you were unaware of previously.  The gentle spiralling motions will loosen and strengthen them in a way that other activities don’t seem to be able to.  These exercises are a great way to resolve old injuries that have stiffened and weakened the body.

Next begin walking with the spiralling motion.  To begin with take slow steps and make the spiralling motion very obvious, and then gradually make the spiralling more and more subtle while focusing on the spiralling energy and the flow through of energy in the centre.

Whenever I do this exercise is always feels a bit like ice skating at the beginning, with the outward motion of the spiralling on each step.  It doesn’t take long for this to become more subtle though.