QW Week Ten – The Bubble

This week our focus is on making sure that the edge of our energy field is strong.

QW 10

Stand in a comfortable relaxed position with your hands by your sides.  Focus on the energy at your centre.  Get a sense of that energy expanding out to the palms of your hands.  Gentle move your hands out from your body a little and then back in a little, letting the energy expand further and further out in all directions in a way similar to when you were forming a ball of energy between your hands in a previous exercise.  Let the energy continue expand out beyond your hands until it forms a ball or ‘bubble’ around your entire body.  You can then expand this bubble even further, just go to a size that feels comfortable to you though.  This might be quite close to your body, or you might be able to expand out quite a distance.  For most people I suggest expanding no further than 4 metres in all directions from your body.

Once you have this ‘bubble formed around you, see if you can get a sense of the edge of this bubble in all directions around you and make sure it is strong in all areas, then see if you can maintain this sense of the edge of your energy field as you walk.