QW Week Seven – Gather and Disperse

This week our focus is on interacting with the energy around us, gathering and condensing it, and dispersing it.

QW 07

For this exercise start by standing in a relaxed position and see if you can get a sense of the energy which surrounds you.  You might have a sense of it like a mist or a haze.  Raise your hands to waist height and gently gather the energy towards the area in front of your centre (a bit below your navel).  See if you can feel the energy becoming more dense and stronger as it gathers in this area.  Once the energy has built up a little use your hands to spread the energy back out away from you and disperse it.  You may want to practice each of these phases in time with your breath, gathering as you inhale and dispersing as you exhale.  Alternatively you may want to spend more time on each phase than your breath will allow, in which case gather for several breaths and then disperse for several breaths.  If you have completed the ‘Enter the Flow’ course you will note the similarity to the Stir the mist exercise in that course.

Once you are confident and comfortable gathering and dispersing energy, see if you can continue this while walking.