QW Week Nine – Full Walking

This week our focus is on walking while having a sense of our whole body being filled with energy.

QW 09

We will start by placing our hands on our lower abdomen and taking deep relaxed breath see if we can notice the energy building in the palms of our hands and deep in our centre.   As this energy builds, begin to stir the energy by massaging the abdomen in a circular motion.  After awhile massage the abdomen in the opposite direction as well, always focusing on the sense of the energy inside your body.  Next move your hands to your lower back and massage this area with your kidneys underneath with a circular motion.  Bring the energy from your lower abdomen to fill this area as well.  Next massage down the backs of your legs spreading the energy down your legs, then up the front of your legs, the front of your body, out the inside of your arms and down the back of your arms.  Finally massage up over your face and head and down your shoulders and back, spreading the energy through your whole body all the time.  Repeat this until you get a sense of you whole body being filled with gentle, warm, tingling, healthy energy.  Then begin to walk and see if you can maintain this sense of your whole body being filled with energy as you walk.

Exercises which works with this same concept of filling the whole body with energy have been incorporated into all the previous qigong courses.

Often as we go about our activities we lose awareness of our body, or parts of our body, and when we do we often reduce the energy in those parts of our body and stop taking care of them properly in that moment.  This means that blood flow can be reduced, muscles can become too tense or too relaxed, joints can be out of alignment and poorly balanced, nerves can become over or under active and so on.  Habitually do this can lead to disfunction, disease and injury.  By maintaining a sense of healthy energy throughout our body we maintain the healthy functioning in all areas of our body.  If we practice this regularly it will become a habit that persists through all of our activities and our body will become healthier and happier.