QW Week Four – The Fountain

This week we will be focusing on channelling energy up though our body and out the top of our head, creating a fountain of energy up from the earth.  Many people have a weak connection with the energy of the earth, and practicing this walking qigong meditation with strengthen this connection and make this flow of energy habitual and constant.

QW 04

To help us focus on and stimulate this flow we raise our arms in front of our body with our forearms crossed and the palms of the hands facing inwards.  As our arms lift over our head we open them outwards and then lower them by our sides.

If you have completed the Between Heaven and Earth qigong course you will recognize this movement as similar to one of the movements used for the microcosmic orbit, and this practice is a good example of how a small change in intention and body position makes a significant change to energy flow.  In this movement it starts with the hands facing towards the body and the arms crossed, this directs the upward energy flow deeper into the centre of the body (you may recognize from one of the connecting postures at the end of the BHE course), as opposed to the movement in BHE where the hands are beside each other and do not cross and the palms face upwards, which brings the energy slow slightly forward to the central meridian in the front of the body.  Also because our intention is different in the second phase of the movement, we direct the energy outwards from the top of our head instead of descending it down the governing meridian as we do on the BHE microcosmic orbit practice.

To gain full benefit from this practice, direct your intention and awareness to the pool of energy available to you below you in the earth.  Do not just start your awareness of the energy flow at your feet.  Get a sense of the energy flowing up and into your feet from below before travelling up and out through your head.  This constant flow of energy will refresh your reserves and help to clear blockages and stagnation.

Once you are comfortable with this movement and awareness in a stationary position, continue with it as you begin to walk.  When you are comfortable doing it walking, relax your arms by your sides and see if you can continue with this awareness while walking without the movement of you arms.