QW Week Five – Gentle Rain

This week our focus will be on energy descending like rain and running over and through our whole body.  This energy flow will relax, refresh and revitalize us.

QW 05

The movement we will use to help stimulate and focus on this flow is raising our hands high above our head and then lowering them while turning the palms towards the body. Imagine a gentle warm rain of energy descending on your body.  It will land all over the surface of your body and soak inwards as well as trickling and streaming down the outside of your body and off your feet and into the earth.  The effect of this energy flow is very relaxing and stimulates Bai Hui, the acupuncture point at the centre of the top of the head.  It provides balance to the strong internal upflow of the fountain practice from last week.  In particular it will supply energy to the surface of the body and refresh the organ meridians.

Once you are comfortable with this movement and awareness in a stationary position, continue with it as you begin to walk.  When you are comfortable doing it walking, relax your arms by your sides and see if you can continue with this awareness while walking without the movement of you arms.