QW Week Eleven – Managing the Microclimate

Having established a clear edge to our energy field last week, this week we will focus on managing the energy within that energy field.

QW 11

Within our energy field we have can have great control of the characteristics of the energy.  Regardless of the energy elsewhere around us we can and should keep the energy close around us healthy and comfortable.  We create our own microclimate of energy around ourselves in which we can thrive.

The first aspect of energy that we will practice working with is heat.  Practice adjusting the perceived warmth inside your energy field.  If you are feeling cold, see if you can make the energy around your warmer by generating more heat (always start from your centre out), or if you are feeling to hot see if you can cool the energy around you by letting some of it blow away with the breeze.  You do this by making the edges of your energy field permeable, a bit like opening the windows in a house, and in your mind encouraging the energy to escape and blow through as if there were a pleasant cool breeze around you.  To do this successfully you may need to adjust the size of your energy field.  For example, while you may be able to comfortably expand your field out to 4 metres or so around you, you may not have the strength of energy to keep all of this warm when it is cold.  If this is the case practice drawing your energy field in around you until it is close enough that you can keep it warm.  This might mean making a more oval shape close to your body, or even bringing your field right in so it is human shaped and extends to just above the surface of your skin.

Another aspect of energy you can practice with is colour.  If you have completed the Qigong Meditation course you will already have worked with this.  We will simply be adding the challenge of maintaining this while walking in the environment.  Practice filling your whole body and your energy field with colour (in your mind’s eye), start with red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and finally white.  Each colour has beneficial effects on different organs and glands in your body and will also affect your emotional state.  Once you are comfortable filling your space with each of these colours, you can get more specific with shades or even combinations of colours that match your mood.

There are many other aspects of energy you can work on managing within the microclimate of your energy field.  One fun one is music.  You can imagine as you walk that your energy field is filled with a particular type of music, or even that there is a particular song playing.  This will give your energy it rhythm and contribute to the overall ‘vibe’ of your energy.  Be playful and have fun experimenting with managing the different aspects of energy in your energy field.