QW Week Eight – Carrying a Ball

This week we will see if we can form a ball of energy and keep this ball formed while we are walking.

QW 08

We begin this practice by following on from the last weeks exercise.  Spend a few moments gathering energy to the space in front of your centre and then see if you can form it into a ball by rolling your hands around the edges of it.  You may feel sensations of warmth or ‘fuzziness’ or a magnetic sensation between your hands, and you may feel a slight resistance to pressure from your hands around the edge of this ball.  You can practice squeezing the ball together and then letting it expand out larger by pressing your hands closer together and then moving them further apart.  If you struggle to get much sensation of a ball between your hands you hand stimulate the energy in the palms of your hands by rubbing and clapping.  This increases the activity in the nerves and the flow of blood, and therefore the energy flow.  See if you can make a ball just by gathering energy first before using this method to stimulate your hands though.  You will recognize this exercise from the Qigong Foundation Practices course and we revisited it in Enter the Flow as well.

Once you can comfortably form and hold a ball, see if you can continue to hold the ball as you begin walking.  When people begin to focus on forming energy fields outside their body, sometimes they have to focus very hard to do it.  Sometimes they focus so hard that they become a bit tense and forget to breathe regularly and deeply and hold tension in their muscles and nerves.  This tension can help them to initially form a ball of energy, but it is not sustainable as in doing so they are actually restricting the energy flow in the rest of their body.  The gentle rhythm and stimulation of walking will help to make this focus more relaxed and keep the breath going and the energy flowing through the body.  The aim is to develop skill in having awareness and control over energy outside the body in a relaxed way while maintaining healthy energy flow through the whole body.  If you lose your sense of the ball of energy while doing this, just gather energy together and reform a new ball.  Little by little this will become easier for you to do and you can practice holding the ball in different positions and moving it between them easily.