QM Week Twelve: Stillness

In this week’s meditation we will be working on achieving inner stillness.

This Week’s Meditation – Stillness

  • Get into a comfortable position for your meditation
  • Begin your session with a few minutes of breathing in an 8:4:8:4 rhythm
  • You can briefly go through any or all the previous meditations you have already done as part of this course at this point if you wish. Otherwise you will begin by gathering energy in your dantien, allowing this energy to spread to fill your entire body and then chanting ‘Om’ for as long as you would like
  • When you finish chanting, notice how still and calm you feel.  This is a special kind of stillness, alive with energy.  Savour this stillness and maintain this still state for as long as you wish
  • Finish your meditation by bringing your awareness back to your dantien and the sensation of your body.  Focus on breathing in an 8:4:8:4 rhythm for a few breaths.


Stillness for many is the ultimate meditative state.  It is a bit like wiping the slate clean or emptying your cup.  Being still allows your body, mind and energy to refresh and renew.

It is very difficult to achieve this still state if you have things bothering you and there are problems with your energy.  The meditations you have done in this course will have done a lot to cleanse and balance you energy, and are good preparation to achieve this deep and satisfying stillness.

Do not be concerned if the stillness only lasts for a brief period of time.  This is fine, even a few seconds of deep inner stillness can be treasured moments.  As you continue to practice this meditation over time you will find that you become more comfortable holding this stillness for longer and longer periods of time.

You may also find that in this stillness from time to time you have interesting moments of insight, understanding and new realization.  It is much easier for a new idea or comprehension to enter when you have emptied out the cup of your mind.  You may want to record these insights when they occur.

Where to from here?

I hope you have enjoyed the meditations in this course so much that you will want to continue meditating as a regular practice.  There will be more meditations included in other Long White Cloud Qigong courses if you choose to progress through some of these courses.  Otherwise, while these meditations have been laid out as a twelve week course, there is plenty within these meditations for you to continue to explore and enjoy for many years to come.

You will also find as you continue to practice qigong, that it gets easier and easier for you to be aware of and move your energy due to the time you have spent working on these meditations.

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