QM Week Three: Organs

This week’s meditation will help you to be more aware of your organs within your body and to direct your bodies resources to these organs to make sure that they are healthy and functioning well.  To do this it is important to have a basic knowledge of anatomy within your body so that you know where to put your awareness and what you are affecting.  Refer to the notes section below for illustrations to help you identify the location of the different organs in your body.

This Week’s Meditation – Internal Organs

  • Get into a comfortable position for your meditation
  • Begin your session with a few minutes of breathing in an 8:4:8:4 rhythm (refer to week one instructions if necessary)
  • You can briefly go through the Body Awareness and Relaxation process at this point if you wish, or move directly on to the next step.
  • Rub your tongue around your teeth, the roof of your mouth, and the inside of your lips and cheeks to stimulate saliva production
  • As the saliva builds up in your mouth, swirl it around your mouth and imagine that it is full of warm healthy glowing energy
  • Swallow the saliva and follow this energy down to your stomach, feel the energy settle in your stomach and spread to fill your stomach with this warm healthy glowing energy.
  • Let the energy rest in your stomach for a few moments refreshing and renewing the cells of your stomach before moving the energy across to your spleen
  • Repeat this process moving the energy from organ to organ in this order until you have sent energy to each of your major organs: Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidneys, Gall Bladder, Liver , Lungs, Large intestines
  • Relax and enjoy the warm comfortable sensation in each of your organs
  • Return your focus to breathing in the 8:4:8:4 rhythm for a few breaths before you finish your meditation session


The following illustrations will give you a basic idea of where your organs are located inside your body.  As you practice this meditation, initially it may be difficult to feel the organs inside, but with enough practice you will start to be aware of them.  You will be able to feel internally where you liver is and where your stomach is and so on.  This is very useful in maintaining health and will also be useful to you if you move on to applying qigong skills in the future.

The order we are circulating the energy through the organs in is the order that the organ meridians flow in (with the exception of the triple warmer and circulation sex/pericardium meridians).  If you wish to learn more about the organ meridians the Qigong Foundation Practices course teaches a set of exercises for stimulating these meridians and the Qigong Theory course contains insights into the nature of these meridians.

Sometimes when doing exercises or meditations of this sort people will ask what about the pancreas? Or what about the appendix?  The functional groupings of the organs as viewed in Traditional Chinese Medicine includes the functions of these parts of our body, so in a sense they are included by circulating energy to the organs listed, but if you want to you can also adapt this meditation to include circulating energy to any of these physical structures within your body that you want to or feel might need it.