QM Week Ten: Energy Nature

This week our focus will be on the nature of energy.  Qigong can seem a bit esoteric at times, and perhaps this meditation may seem a little that way.  Its purpose is to bring to the attention of your conscious and unconscious mind the nature of energy and your potential to change things within your body and your life through developing skill with it.

This Week’s Meditation – Energy Nature

  • Get into a comfortable position for your meditation
  • Begin your session with a few minutes of breathing in an 8:4:8:4 rhythm
  • You can briefly go through all the previous meditations you have already done as part of this course at this point if you wish, otherwise you will begin by gathering energy in the dantien and then allowing this energy to spread to fill the entire body
  • As you relax and enjoy the comfortable sensation of your body filled with energy, contemplate the nature of energy itself.  What types of energy can you think of? Light? Heat? Electricity? Momentum? Vibration? Information? What others?
  • How can you observe energy?  You can see light all around you, you can feel warmth, you can both feel and hear vibration.  How do you obtain information? Is it through some type of observation of energy?
  • Are these types of energy really different?  A substance is warm because it is vibrating, physically moving, because of this warmth it emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of heat and maybe light.  This emitted energy gives information about the substance.  You can tell what a substance is and the state it is in from the energy it emits.
  • Consider the energy within your own body.  What can you feel?  Heat from your muscles contracting and burning fuel, movement from circulating blood and small shifts in balance and posture as you breathe and your organs function, electricity and magnetism from the firing of your nerves as they conduct information around your body and the internal workings of each individual cell.
  • Are these energies separate? Or are they all manifestations of the same energy, the energy that makes you alive?
  • Within your body there are approximately 10 trillion cells each moving, vibrating, generating electromagnetic energy, sending and receiving information.
  • Within each cell there are about 200 trillion atoms each moving, vibrating, emitting and taking in particles and interacting with the atoms around it.
  • Within each atom there are myriads of sub atomic particles, and as we dig deeper and deeper we find that each of these is made up purely of… energy.  As Einstein famously discovered E=mc2, energy = mass x the speed of light squared
  • Energy permeates through everything we experience in life.  At the smallest level those things that we think are solid, maybe immovable, even our own bodies are made up purely of energy.
  • Energy is always moving, changing and transforming.  When we truly become aware of energy nature we begin to understand the universe.  When we become skilled with energy there is nothing that we cannot influence with this skill.  Energy is the key to understanding life itself.
  • Finish your meditation by bringing your awareness back to your dantien and the sensation of your body.  Focus on breathing in an 8:4:8:4 rhythm for a few breaths.