QM Week Eleven: Vibration

This week we are going to use the vibration caused by producing sound as a way of cleansing our energy in meditation.

This Week’s Meditation – Vibration

  • Get into a comfortable position for your meditation
  • Begin your session with a few minutes of breathing in an 8:4:8:4 rhythm
  • You can briefly go through any or all the previous meditations you have already done as part of this course at this point if you wish, otherwise you will begin by simply gathering energy in the dantien and then allowing this energy to spread to fill the entire body
  • Take a deep breath in, and then on the out breath say the sound ‘Om’ as one long sound for the length of the whole exhalation.  You may want to begin softly and increase the volume as you continue to chant this sound on subsequent breaths.
  • As you chant ‘Om’ notice the feeling of vibration in your abdomen at your dantien. As you continue to chant allow this feeling to spread to fill your entire body with a comfortable vibration.  When you can feel this vibration through your entire body, allow it to spread further to fill your energy field.
  • Continue with this chanting for as long as you desire.
  • Finish your meditation by bringing your awareness back to your dantien and the sensation of your body.  Focus on breathing in an 8:4:8:4 rhythm for a few breaths.



The purpose of this meditation is to use the vibration caused by the chanting to dislodge and clear any blockages in your energy right down to the deepest level of your being, from your energy field to your body, to individual parts of your body and organs, to cells, to atoms and subatomic particles.

You may have noticed while contemplating energy and becoming aware of your own energy that within you there are areas that are weak or dark, leaning, twisted, poorly aligned, or with less light and life than other areas.  Allow this chanting vibration to realign you and shake any obstructions free and clear them from your life.

In case you are curious, ‘Om’ has many meanings, in fact there is an entire Hindu text devoted to explaining its meaning.  One common meaning is manifestation of divine perfection, which is a nice concept to contemplate subconsciously as you are chanting.  You don’t actually need to be too concerned about these meanings though.  The main thing is that it is a nice rounded resonant syllable sound which is effective for creating a cleansing vibration throughout your body and energy to the deepest level.

Some people can be a bit self conscious about chanting.  If this is the case for you, it will help if you can find somewhere private where you are not concerned about anyone hearing you so you can chant out loud and long.  Your ‘Om’ will probably sound a bit different from my ‘Om’ or someone elses ‘Om’ and that is fine.  Enjoy the sensation of YOUR vibration moving through your body and energy field.