QM Week Eight: Energy Field

Whenever energy moves, it creates a field around it.  The energy in your body is no exception.  The more active your energy, the stronger your energy field will be.  This week’s meditation will help you to increase the activity of your energy and the strength of your energy field.

This Week’s Meditation – Energy Field

  • Get into a comfortable position for your meditation
  • Begin your session with a few minutes of breathing in an 8:4:8:4 rhythm (refer to week one instructions if necessary)
  • Spend some time gathering energy in the dantien, circulating energy in the microcosmic orbit, belt meridian and macrocosmic orbit.
  • Once you are aware of all of these energy circulations, shift your awareness to the energy that is radiating out from your body.  To begin with become aware of the energy just a few millimetres from the surface of your skin.  See if you can get a sense of the feeling of this energy, heat, magnetism, tingling, light – it can be hard to describe but see if you can get a sense of the aliveness of this energy.
  • When you are aware of these energy surrounding your body, as you breathe in draw fresh energy into your body, then as you breathe out cause your energy to circulate more strongly and send more energy out into your energy field causing it to become brighter and stronger and to expand further out from your body.
  • As your energy field expands out from your body it will form a glowing sphere around your body.
  • Keep focusing on expanding your energy field further out from your body until you feel that you can go no further without the energy field becoming weak, losing it’s shape or breaking down.
  • Rest and this point and enjoy the sensation of having a strong energy field surrounding you.
  • Finish by bringing your awareness back to the energy in your dantien for a little while, and by focusing on some 8:4:8:4 rhythm breathing, while allowing the activity in your energy field and circulation of energy in your body to gradually reduce to your normal level.


We want to have the dantien, microcosmic, belt and macrosmic energy flows active throughout this meditation as active movement of energy in these circulations will help to strengthen the energy in your energy field.  Ideally you want to have a sense of all these energy flows being active at the same time, though this awareness will fade into the background and become more subconscious as you focus more on your energy field.  This may seem difficult at first, but it’s a bit like driving a car, with practice you can do a whole lot of things all at once and barely be aware that you are even doing them.

When expanding your energy field, I recommend that you only expand the energy out to about 4 metres or so in all directions around your body.  For most people this is about the maximum they will be able to sustain, for some maybe not even that far.  Trying to extend the energy field further than this can cause problems.  It may be too draining on the energy resources of your body and may end up causing weakness rather than health and strength.