Qigong Meditations

Welcome to the Long White Cloud Qigong online qigong meditation course.  In this course you will work progressively through a series of meditations to relax your body and mind, gain greater awareness of your energy, and balance, circulate, cleanse and refine the quality of your energy.

The course is organized into ‘Weeks’.  Each week presents a new meditation for you to work on.  You do not need to stay strictly to a schedule of introducing a new meditation each week.  Feel free to spend more time on each meditation if you wish, until you are comfortable with it and can do it with ease.

You can download a practice journal to help keep track of your insights and experiences as you go through the meditation course here, pdf: QM Practice Journal, Word doc: QM Practice Journal   This is a requirement if you want to seek certification at some point, and also a useful tool for everyone to help focus your experience.

You can find the information for the meditations each week in the links below:

QM Week One: Quieting Your Mind

 QM Week Two: Body Awareness and Relaxation

QM Week Three: Organs

QM Week Four: Dantien

QM Week Five: Microcosmic Orbit

QM Week Six: The Belt

QM Week Seven: Macrocosmic Orbit

QM Week Eight: Energy Field

QM Week Nine: Colour Spectrum

QM Week Ten: Energy Nature

QM Week Eleven: Vibration

QM Week Twelve: Stillness

QM Extras

Support: This online course is supported entirely by your donations.  They are greatly appreciated!  If you would like, you can donate here.