Protected: QFP Week Six & Seven – Refining the Movements, Awareness of the Organs and Meridians

Objectives:  To learn and practice the finer points of each exercise and gain an understanding of the effects on each organ and meridian.

Optional reading: Chapters 7 and 8 of the QFP book

Videos: videos for this week appear at the bottom of the page.

Practice Sessions

  • Warmup exercise (joint rotation)                                                                                5 min
  • Individual exercises refining the movements and developingawareness of the effect on the organs and meridians                                                                                            15 min
  • Twelve health exercises complete set                                                                         5 min
  • Cool down exercise (energy massage)                                                                         5 min



At this point you should be quite familiar and comfortable with the exercises.  You should be able to do them all in order without referring to the book or videos.  There may however be a few finer points that you have not mastered yet.

This week you will focus on understanding the massaging effect of each of the exercises on the organs and meridians of your body.  Choose two or three exercises to focus on each day and review the organ and meridian video for each of them, then practice those exercises seeing if you can notice the massaging effect of the exercise on the organ and stimulation of the meridian.  Ideally when you are performing the exercise correctly you will notice a stretching and compressing massaging feeling in the area of each organ and possibly a warming/relaxing feeling in that area, much as a muscle would feel when it is gently massaged. You will also feel a similar stretching and compressing stimulation of the meridian. If you do not notice this feeling, see if you can adjust how you are doing the exercise a little until you can feel it.   This acts as an excellent feedback mechanism, you will know that you are doing the exercise correctly when you can feel stimulation through the entire meridian and massaging of the organ while you do it.

This massaging effect on the organs and stimulation of the meridians is one of the major benefits of these exercises and what separates them from just doing stretches or push-ups or some other type of exercise which is focused entirely on the external part of our physical bodies.  These exercises will benefit not just your muscles, but your internal organs as well.


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