QFP Week Four & Five – Remembering the Movements

Objectives: To learn each exercise so that you can do them without referring to the book or video

Optional reading: Chapters 7 and 8 of the QFP book

Videos: The relevant new videos appear at the bottom of the page

Practice Sessions
 Warmup exercise (joint rotation) 5 min
 Learning individual exercises 15 min
 Twelve health exercises complete set 5 min
 Cool down exercise (energy massage) 5 min

This will be the structure of your practice sessions each day for week four and five.

Overview of week four and five

Dragon clears a path

Bending the body and swinging the head

One arm raising

Crane looks behind

Wild goose beats its wings

Punching wind

Black tiger straightens its waist

Man riding a horse using  a bow and arrow to shoot the eagle

Turning and gazing

Two hands push the sky

Tiger stretches its back

Four body movements

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