QFP Week Eleven & Twelve – Integrating Your Practice

Objective: Enjoy self directed practice focusing on whichever areas you want to.

Videos: videos for this week occur below.


Practice Sessions

  • Your choice of the qigong practices you have done in this course                           30 min



Over the past ten weeks there has been a lot for you to learn.  Each week you have had different things to focus on, practice, learn and revise.  For the last two weeks nothing new is introduced.  It is your opportunity to simply enjoy what you have learned.  Each practice session choose what you feel like doing from the exercises you have learned.  You may like to work on some areas that you don’t think you are particularly good at, or you may just want to do some of the exercises that you particularly enjoy.

Going forwards

The exercises you have learned are very sophisticated.  If you continue to practice them regularly , there is a great deal more that you will learn as you pay attention to your body and what you experience as you do them.

I hope that you have enjoyed your experience learning these Qigong Foundation Practices.  I hope that as a result of your practice you have noticed that you have become stronger, healthier, calmer and more able to enjoy every aspect of your life.  I hope that this experience will encourage you to want to continue to practice qigong regularly.

Further Courses

If you wish to learn more about qigong, Long White Cloud Qigong offer a variety of courses that will give you a solid understanding of qigong principles and many enjoyable exercises to practice.  Long White Cloud Qigong also offers a certification program for those who would like to become qualified to teach qigong themselves.  This course forms part of that certification program, so you are already part way there if this is something you would like to pursue.

You can find out more about these courses and certification at www.longwhitecloudqigong.com


Also we would love to receive feedback.  Please take the time to let us know how you enjoyed your experience with this course.  You may want to include the following:

What you enjoyed most about the course?

How easy the study materials were to follow?

Changes that regular qigong practice has made to your life?

Any other comments you have?

Please e-mail this to: info@longwhitecloudqigong.com


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