QFP Week Eight – Emotions, Posture and Organ Function

Objectives:  To become aware of the relationship between emotions, posture, organ function and meridians.

Optional reading: Chapters 7 and 8 of the QFP book

Videos: the videos for this week appear at the bottom of this page.

Practice Sessions

  • Warmup exercise (joint rotation)                                                                                    5 min
  • Individual exercises experimenting with emotional postures                                   15 min
  • Twelve health exercises complete set                                                                            5 min
  • Cool down exercise (energy massage)                                                                           5 min



This week you will gain some insight into how your emotions affect the functioning of your internal organs, and how in turn the functioning of your organs affects your posture and the movement of your body.

We each have characteristic ways of moving and holding our bodies when we express different emotions.  These are natural ways for us to deal with what we experience in life.  If we become stuck in these postures though, they have a prolonged effect on the functioning of our bodies and can cause long term health problems.  On the other side of this, when we have illnesses or problems with various organs this can also cause us to adopt the same postures, which can eventually lead to us feeling those same emotions in our life.

These exercises are very effective at freeing your body up and getting it moving well again and in so doing helping to clear blocked emotions and improve the health and functioning of your organs.  The information about this on the videos is by no means comprehensive – the connection between the emotions, functioning of the organs and movement of the body is a broad area of study and practice, but the information you will cover this week will give you the beginnings of understanding this connection.

The organs in our bodies are paired together into ‘Element’ groupings in the Chinese medical system.  For each of the five elements there is a solid or ‘Yin’ organ and a hollow or ‘Yang’ organ, the triple warmer and circulation/pericardium are and exception and in a way relate to the functioning of all the other organs, this is referred to in the videos.

The emotions are categorized according to their element, more so than their individual organ.



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