MQ Week Twelve: Review

This week your task is to review all the material from the previous weeks and your notes you have written in your study journal.  Ask yourself how your understanding of Qi and Qigong has changed during the course?  Are there areas of your qigong practice that you would like to develop further?  Are there new areas of qigong practice that you would like to learn more about?  Are there areas of qigong theory that you would like to understand better and in more detail.

Write down your thoughts in your study journal.

If you have questions or things you would like to explore in greater detail, feel free to contact me or ask your qigong teacher.

This has been an introduction to qigong theory and practice, with an emphasis on practice, to give you a broad overview of qigong.  In the future there will be more advanced qigong theory courses that will go into greater detail.  Aspects of qigong theory will also be included in other qigong courses as required for understanding of the practices.  If possible it is highly recommended that you attend a live workshop on qigong theory where you can enjoy interesting discussion of the detailed questions that always arise J