MQ Week Six: Rivers and Streams

When you maintain a full and strong energy field, some of this energy will naturally distil back into  your body to strengthen it and make it healthier.  We can compare this to rain falling from the atmosphere to water the earth.  Just as the rain can easily reach every part of the earth’s surface, energy can easily reach every cell of the body in this way, helping to refresh and renew them.  When the cells are fully refreshed and filled with energy, excess energy will run off, much like excess water runs off and forms streams and rivers.  These streams and rivers flow eventually back into the seas which form the great reservoirs of energy in the body.

These rivers and streams are known as the organ meridians.  They run between the organs and the extremities of the body and help to gather the energy into the internal organs (which is the location of the dantien).  Having the organ meridians flowing clear and strong completes the cycle of circulation and conservation of energy in our bodies.  The water gathers in the seas, the ocean currents circulate the energy, this circulation strengthens and fills the energy fields or atmosphere, the energy descends like rain or mist onto the earth and then circulates via rivers and streams back into the seas.

If you have already completed the Qigong Foundation Practices course, you will have become familiar with the specifics of the organ meridian flow.  If you haven’t, that’s ok, you don’t need to understand that level of detail to do this week’s homework, but you might want to do this course to develop your understanding.

Week Six Homework:

  • During your qigong practice this week focus on the sense you have of the energy field around your body.
  • Get a sense of the energy in your field as moisture which descends like mist or rain and settles on your body.
  • Feel the energy settle into the cells of your body, refreshing and renewing, and then feel the excess energy begin to gather and flow into streams and eventually rivers which flow into the organs in the centre of your body.
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the specific pathways of these rivers, just get a general sense of them flowing into your internal organs.