MQ Week Nine: Energy Skill

One of the things that qigong is famous for is practitioners developing unusual abilities with their energy.  Most commonly these skills are focused in the areas of healing and martial arts.  By working with energy skilled qigong practitioners may have the ability to reduce or remove pain and subtly influence energy to encourage healing of illness and injury.  They may also have the ability to withstand strong blows and inflict damage on opponents that is not externally obvious to the untrained eye.  They may be able to achieve subtle effects in other fields of endeavour such as the arts and communications through skill with and use of energy.

Natural Progress

You will also begin to develop these abilities as part of the natural progression of your energy development.  As you continue with your qigong practice you will become more and more aware of your own energy.  You will become more skilled at directing and using this energy within your own body.  To begin with this will primarily be in simply balancing and strengthening your own energy.  As you progress further you will become more aware of the energy around you, and you will even be able to sense subtle aspects of what is going on with the energy of people you encounter.  This will provide you with a new set of tools and way of understanding what is going on around you.  As you become even more skilled you will be able to consciously use your own energy to interact with the energy of people and things in your environment.

These types of skill and ability can seem amazing at first, and many people dismiss them because they may seem ‘supernatural’ to them.  This can hold back your progress and energy development, because if your conscious or unconscious mind rejects something – it will find ways to stop you from experiencing more of it or developing it further.  It is best to realise that these sorts of abilities are completely natural and in fact we all use them all the time, it is just that most of us are unaware and unskilled in our use of them.  The energy interaction is there but we are blissfully unaware.  There is nothing supernatural about them, like most abilities there development is a combination of natural talent, hard work and practice.  Some aspects of energy skill will come more easily to some people than others, but high levels of skill come only to those who put the time and effort in.


Week Nine Homework

  • This week your homework is to consider how awareness and skill with energy could help in different activities.  Choose several activities that are of interest to you and think carefully about how energy skill could be developed and applied to these activities.  Examples could include: painting, writing, public speaking, healing, martial arts, business, cooking, gardening, surfing… etc
  • Make sure to write notes of your ideas in your practice journal