MQ Week Five: Clouds and Rain

Where ever there is energy, that energy creates a field around it.  Mass creates a gravitational field.  Electrical charge and current creates magnetism.  Heat and light makes a field of radiance. Physical movement creates fields of vibration.  It is the same with the energy in our body.  The combined activity of our energy creates a field around our body.  We can compare this energy in our energy field to the moisture in the atmosphere.  As the extraordinary meridians circulate, that energy field grows stronger and more dense; much as the ocean currents help shape the weather.

As we become more skilled in our qigong practice, we become more aware of this energy that surrounds us.  Ideally our energy field will have a defined shape and defined limits, much as the earth’s atmosphere has a defined shape.  If it does not the field will tend to be weak and energy will easily be lost from it.  A lot of the benefit from your qigong practice can be wasted by letting the energy generated drift away through a weak energy field.  Also our energy fields play an important role in our interaction with energies around us as our energy fields interact with each other.  A strong energy field helps to protect us from harmful external energies, much as the atmosphere helps to protect our planet from meteors (most of them burn up before reaching the earth).

Your ability to maintain the structure of your energy field increases with practice.  To begin with you may only be able to maintain the field very close to your body, maybe only a millimetre or two beyond the surface of your skin, but with practice you will be able to maintain a field out much further.  A fully healthy and energetically strong person can maintain a strong field out to a distance of about four metres in all directions around their body.  For most people an energy field larger than this will not be sustainable and will begin to break down and lose its structure.

Week Five Homework:

  • This week during your qigong practice focus on the sense you have of your energy field around your body.  See if you can maintain this sense of an energy field throughout the entire practice session.  It doesn’t matter so much how far out from your body you can maintain the energy field, what is more important is that you maintain the structure without it breaking down.  As you practice and your energy becomes stronger, the field will naturally expand outwards.