MIS Week Two: Wuji (Extension)

This week we will extend our standing practice by focusing on specific flows of energy within our body while standing in the Wuji posture.  Subtle imbalances in our bodies can restrict the flow of energy in important meridians.  One way we help to open these meridians up is through moving exercises such as those found in the Qigong Foundations Practices, Between Heaven and Earth, and Enter the Flow courses, but it is equally important that we maintain these healthy flows when we are still and not moving externally.  Our Wuji standing practice can be an excellent opportunity for us to very subtly adjust our posture to facilitate the opening of these energy flows, whether we are moving or at rest.

Our practice is basically the same as in week one, but this time once we are settled into our posture we will begin to track the major energy flows in our bodies with our minds.  This will be much easier for you if you have already completed the courses mentioned earlier as you will already be familiar with the pathways we will be working with.  If you have not done these courses you can use the linked illustrations to help you, but it will be a slower process for you. Meridian and Organ Charts

Organ Meridians

We will start with the organ meridians.  Start with the meridian that is at peak activity for the time of day you are practicing.  With your mind follow the meridian slowly from its start point to its end point, this will naturally gently stimulate the flow of energy.  You may find that at some points it feels blocked, or like the energy is not flowing very well.  This can be as simple as feeling like you can’t concentrate clearly on the pathway in that area.  When this happens you can try consciously adjusting your posture to let the energy through.  You may also find that you naturally adjust your posture in subtle ways to ‘get out of the way’ of the energy and allow it through, this results in subtle pushing and pulling within your body as you align yourself in a way that allows the meridian to flow unimpeded.

After mentally following the meridian pathway several times, move on to the next meridian in the order of peak activity and so on until you have gone through all twelve meridians.  Once complete allow yourself to rest in your wuji posture for a few moments, and feel the energy begin to gather in your lower dantien (the centre of your body a few inches below the navel).

Extraordinary Meridians

Next feel this energy that has gathered at the dantien flow down and out through the perineum and then up the governing meridian (Du Mai), over the top of your head and then down central meridian (Ren Mai).  Follow this circuitous flow several times and then return your awareness to your dantien.  Then feel the energy flowing around your waist in the belt meridian (Dai Mai) for several circuits.  After this follow the flow of energy from the soles of your feet, up the inside of your legs, up the front of your body, then down the inside of your arms to the palms of your hands.  Then follow from the backs of your hands up the outside of your arms, down your back and down the back and outside of your legs to return to your feet (these flows relate to the Yin and Yang Linking and Yin and Yang Heel meridians).  Follow this circuit several times.  Remember the extraordinary meridians are more like ocean currents whereas the organ meridians are more like rivers, so feel these flows of the extraordinary meridians as broad swathes of movement, don’t be too concerned about the specifics of these pathways.  Finally feel the connection through your feet with the energy of the earth and feel this run right through the middle of your body and out through the top of your head following the ‘Thrusting’ or ‘Penetrating’ vessel, called Chong Mai in Chinese.

Energy Fields

Finally tune in to a sense of your energy fields.  Feel the effect of all the energy circulating within your body and the field that it creates.  As you do this you might get a sense of your energy ‘unfolding’ outwards as stagnancies or tensions dissipate and the energy becomes more full and vibrant.

Return your awareness to your centre as let your energy calm as you finish your session.