MIS Week Twelve: Return to Wuji

This week we will return to the same practice that we started the course with, simply standing in Wuji.  A lot of the practices we have worked on during this course have been quite ‘busy’ practices in terms of Zhan Zhuang practice.  We have had many different things to focus on and we have been alternating or moving through different postures within our practice sessions.  These focuses and different postures can be great for developing different skills within Zhan Zhuang, but one of the greatest benefits we can get is the sense of activity and life within stillness.  This week we will return to this focus but only practicing Wuji throughout our whole practice session.  You may find that coming back to this simple practice now, having gained more experience through some of the other practices, brings new insights and it is even more deeply restful and refreshing than when you first tried this practice.

Start with your normal warmup.

Stand in Wuji. See if you can stand for your whole session 20-30 minutes.

Finish with your normal cooldown.

I hope you have enjoyed this course and it has brought new insight and benefits to your qigong practice. This course has provided a brief introduction to Zhan Zhuang standing practice, you may want to spend more time on several of the practices within this course, or you may want to move on to exploring other qigong exercises.

If you have questions about what to do next in your qigong practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.