MIS Week Three: Three Centres

This week in our standing practice we will focus on strengthening and balancing the three major energy centres or dantien within the body.  It is a good idea to start your session with your usual warm up, then stand in the Wuji posture for a period of time getting a sense of the energy and flow within your body.  When then direct our attention and energy flow to each of our main centres by holding our hands in front of them one by one while focusing on the energy in the centre becoming full and flowing outwards to fill the body.  We keep our shoulders relaxed with our arms gently curved and the tips of the fingers almost touching.

We start with the lower dantien, a few inches below the belly button in the centre of the body, then move to the middle dantien, in the middle of the chest, and finally to the upper dantien in the centre of the top of our head.  When we move our hands from one centre to the next we first stretch a little by opening our arms wide to the sides and extending the legs before bring the hands back in and sinking into our posture with the resting above the next dantien.  When we have finished focusing on each dantien we stretch our arms upwards and then slowly lower our hands in front of our body with the palms facing downwards.  We then finish with another period standing in the Wuji posture.

A good way to regulate and build the amount of time you spend in each of these postures is by counting your breaths as we talked about in week one.  For example, you might start by standing in Wuji for three breaths then moving to the Lower Dantien for three breaths and so on through all the postures.  If you find this easy you can then increase the number of breaths in each posture until you find your comfortable limit and then gently work on extending this further.

Finish your session with a simple cooldown before you go about your day.