MIS Week Eleven: Directing Energy (Extension)

This week we will continue with our practice of directing energy flow using the same postures we have been working with in the last two weeks.  The change this week is that instead of directing the energy flow with the breath each time, this week we will intentionally start the energy flow, perhaps using the breath to begin with and then continue the flow without continuing to drive it with the breath.  We will just breathe normal deep relaxed breaths while the flow continues.

For example in posture four, with the hands separate in front, when our hands are in position, we may find that as we set our intention of drawing energy in through one hand and out through the other, that the energy just naturally does this as it is something we have already practiced.  If it doesn’t we might use a breath for a few repetitions to start the flow, breathing in as we focus on drawing energy through one hand and breathing out as we focus on sending energy out through the other.  Once the flow has started we can just see if we can maintain a continuous flow in through one hand and out through the other at the same time, without this being tied to the breath.  If necessary we can use the breath again to keep the flow going.  We will then change the direction of flow as we did in the previous week.

These practices are important preparation for using qigong ability in healing and martial arts.