MIS Week Eight: Five Elements (Extension)

This week we will extend our Five Elements standing practice by focusing more on the energy character of each of the elements as we stand in the posture for that element.  Focusing on the energy character adds in subtle aspects of energy stimulation beyond those achieved by simply standing in the posture.  As we direct our mind to focus on different things, our body and energy will respond by making subtle changes in our functioning.

For the Earth element posture, we will focus on the energy at the centre of our body being filled with Earth energy.  Solid heavy and unyielding (but not stiff and rigid, still malleable like clay).

For the Metal element we will focus on a sense of hardness and sharpness to the energy on the surface of our body, the energy will have a sense of alertness or responsiveness (like a cat ready to pounce),  but also toughness like armour.  This relates to our wei qi or protective energy.

For the Water element we will focus on a sense of water flowing through our body, particularly our spine, kidneys and bones – energy flowing smoothly through each of the joints.

For the Wood element we will focus on the reaching up and sense of internal flow like sap rising in a tree, particularly in our connective tissue (tendons and fascia).

For the Fire element we will focus on a sense of hot energy flowing in the blood throughout our whole body, the central focus flowing out from the heart.