ETF Week Six: Swimming Dragon

Week Six Sessions Outline:

  • Take a few moments to stand in a relaxed position, quiet your mind, relax your body, and slow and deepen your breath before you start into the qigong exercises
  • This week we combine the ‘Stir the Mist’ exercises from week four with the ‘Twist and Turn’ stepping from week five into ‘Swimming Dragon’ movements.  You may want to practice some movements with your upper body separately before you begin to combine these with the legs.  Spend as much time as you like on these exercises each session.
  • End your sessions with some simple qigong self massage to help return your energy to your centre




These types of movements are often referred to as ‘Swimming Dragon’, and many styles of qigong have a specific ‘Swimming Dragon’ form as part of their exercises.  The exercises this week are not organized into a set sequence of movements as you would learn them in a form, but rather you are encouraged to explore and play with the movements and put them together in anyway you like.  You can imagine your movement as that of a dragon swimming, coiling and turning through the mist which swirls around it.  Always let the awareness of the energy within and around you be your guide in these movements.