ETF Week Nine: Freestyle Qigong

Week Nine Sessions Outline:

  • Take a few moments to stand in a relaxed position, quiet your mind, relax your body, and slow and deepen your breath before you start into the qigong exercises
  • This week we combine all of the movements we have been practicing up until now, and even go beyond them into using whatever type of movement the energy flow feels good to us in.  This is freestyle qigong.  You may want to spend some time working on specific exercises to get your awareness of energy flow active before moving into freestyle qigong.  Alternatively you may feel comfortable to move straight into freestyle movements.  Spend as long on this as you want to in each session
  • End your sessions with some simple qigong self massage to help return your energy to your centre



I love freestyle qigong.  In it you are free to move however you want, focusing on the energy flow.  The movements you have learned and practice act as a starting point as you have experience feeling the energy flow within them, but feel free to move beyond these into moving in any way that the energy flow feels good to you.  Sometimes people can be a bit shy about doing this at first but with practice you will become confident in expressing yourself and your desire to move your body.

Not all of the movements need to be slow, you may want to vary your speed, making some movements slow, others fast, sometimes maybe even standing still.  See if you can maintain energy awareness through all of these variations and see what difference they make to the energy.

Be playful and enjoy every movement, freestyle qigong is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the joy of movement and the energy flow that this creates.  As you practice and allow yourself to try new movements that feel good to you, you can let your own body be your guide, pleasurable movements with good energy flow will clear blockages and stagnancy from your body and help to make it healthy, supple, strong and balanced.

There are three layers of energy awareness that we have discussed and focussed on in this course.  Awareness of energy flow within the body, awareness of the energy surrounding and moving around the body, and creation and awareness of shaped fields of energy outside the body.  As you practice freestyle qigong, you may want to focus alternately on each of these types of energy awareness.  Eventually your aim is to be able to be aware of all three of these layers at the same time.