Enter The Flow


Welcome to the Enter the Flow online qigong course!  In this course you will practice simple movements that will help you to learn to feel the flow of living ‘qi’ or energy in everything that you do.  The movements will start simply and become more complex over the duration of the course.

The focus of each exercise is feeling the energy and making its movement smooth and enjoyable.  If you can feel the energy and it feels good, you will know you are doing it right!

This free qigong course is supported by your donations.  If you would like to donate you can do so here.

What Does Qi Feel Like?

Below is a simple exercise for feeling qi.

This exercise works by using the clapping to create heightened awareness in your hands and also increased energy activity.  What did the energy feel like to you?  Different people will experience the sensations caused by this exercise differently according to how their body is functioning at the time.  Also the sensations you feel will change as the functioning of your body changes.  The activity of the nervous system will cause magnetic and tingling sensations, the flow of blood and activity of the cells will create heat, the activity of the muscles and connective tissue will cause feelings of pressure, lightness, heaviness, vibration and so on.  All of these factors combine together to create a sense of ‘qi’ or vital living energy.  Overall ‘qi’ feels like being alive!

Internal and External Awareness

The exercise above is a simple way to get some idea of what the living energy generated by our bodies feels like.  The exercise brings this energy up to the surface where we can perceive it easily, but this same type of energy is active and moving within our bodies all the time.  As you practice the exercises in this course you will start to become aware of this internal energy and its movement.

The exercises in this course will teach you to become aware of the energy outside your body as well.  All of us are surrounded by energy all the time – heat, vibration, magnetic and gravitational fields and so on.  As we begin to perceive this energy we can interact with it in beneficial ways, even absorbing the energy into our bodies as needed.  This course will provide instructions to help you become aware of and work with both the flow of energy inside your body, and the flow of energy surrounding your body.

Benefits of Feeling the Qi Flow

Our living energy or qi is created by the healthy functioning of our mind and body.  In order for us to feel qi flow in our bodies the joints need to be properly aligned, the connective tissue needs to be neither too tight nor too loose, there needs to be good blood flow with plenty of oxygen and good nerve activity, the cells need to be active and functioning well and so on.

Focusing on the sensation of qi flow creates a feedback mechanism for us.  As we try to make the sensation of energy stronger and more enjoyable we naturally begin to do what we need to do to improve the function of our body and mind.  We line our joints up into stronger and more stable positions, we balance the tension in muscles and connective tissues, we increase healthy bloodflow and nerve activity, we let go of stress and enter a state of relaxed awareness.

As we work with this awareness of energy in our qigong practice, little by little we develop habits of how we use our body and mind that carry over into all of our daily activities.  We begin to use our bodies more efficiently and effectively and put less unnecessary stress on them.  Gradually we become stronger, healthier, more vital and full of energy!

Course Structure

The ‘Enter the Flow’ qigong course is organized into ‘weeks’ for you below.  Each week contains new qigong movements for you to practice and become skilled at feeling the flow of energy within.  You may find that in some of these movements you can feel the energy very easily, and in other movements it is more difficult.  If this is the case, feel free to spend more time on any movement until you can easily feel the energy.  The course is not a race and there is no need to rush, enjoy the journey and the experience of discovering the energy flow in and around your body.

It is a good idea to keep a record of your experiences as you go through this course in a Practice log which you can download here, pdf: ETF Practice Journal, Word document: ETF Practice Journal (or you can easily make your own).  This will help you to focus your mind on what you are experiencing and retain the insights that you obtain.

ETF Cover Final crop smallYou may also be interested in the book Enter the Flow, which is a useful companion to your study and practice. You can find it on Amazon in both hardcopy and kindle/electronic edition here. If you have another online retailer that you prefer to use, just search for the title and you are likely to find it there as well.





Follow the links below to go to the week you are up to.  I hope you enjoy the course!

Enter the Flow

ETF Week One: Playing With Waves

ETF Week Two: Full and Empty

ETF: Week Three: Walking Qigong

ETF Week Four: Stir the Mist

ETF Week Five: Twist & Turn

ETF Week Six: Swimming Dragon

ETF Week Seven: Playing with a ball

ETF Week Eight: Float and Soar

ETF Week Nine: Free Style Qigong

ETF Week Ten:  Fighting Movements

ETF Week Eleven: Everyday movements

ETF Week Twelve: Enter the Flow