BHE Week Twelve: Review

This week there are no new exercises to focus on.  The aim of this week is to relax and enjoy what you have already learned and been practicing without trying to learn something new.


There are no new videos for this week.  If you need to you can review the videos from previous weeks for reference.

Additional details about the exercise

The exercises we have been practicing in this course are very simple yet very powerful in stimulating the flow of energy in your eight extraordinary meridians and cleansing and renewing your body and energy fields.  While this has been a twelve week course, it is likely that you will want to continue to practice and enjoy these exercises for much longer than that.  As you continue to practice these exercises you will develop healthy habits of movement and energy awareness that will help you to maintain your health, wellbeing and happiness.


The exercises you have been practicing are designed to set up healthy flows of energy through your body.  As you have progressed through this course you have focused on each of these flows individually in order to clearly identify and stimulate the flow of energy.  Over time as we develop habits, our aim is to maintain all these flows of energy continuously.  This may seem challenging at first, but it is a bit like learning to drive a car or ride a bike.  Initially there are lots of individual things to think about (steering, checking the mirrors, using the clutch, changing gears, etc etc) and you have to focus on each one, but with time you just put them all together and can do them all at once without really thinking about them at all.

The habits of energy circulation you develop through the exercises in this course will in time carry through into every aspect of your life and help you to become and stay healthy, strong and resilient.

Where to from here?

I hope you have enjoyed this course!  You may be happy to continue exploring these exercises for some time to come.  Alternatively you may wish to learn and explore some other qigong practices.  Currently there is one more twelve week qigong course available online at Long White Cloud Qigong.  This course teaches a set of exercises for stimulating each of the twelve organ meridians.  You can check it out here.  I am also working on getting further courses online, so check back on this site regularly and make sure to sign up to the email newsletter so you’ll stay up to date with the latest developments.

I also offer a number of workshops and courses on other qigong related practices in person (many of these I will try to get online, but it takes a lot of work so you may have to wait awhile).  If you live near me or are visiting you may want to attend one of these.  You may also want to attend workshops on the exercises you have already learned so that you can gain further fine detail and insights in a live interactive setting.  If you do not live near me, I do travel from time to time so it may be possible to set up a workshop in your area if you have a group of people interested in learning.

If you have feedback or comments about the course I would love to hear from you!  Send me an email at

Give Freely Receive Freely

This course has been offered on a Give Freely Receive Freely basis.  It has been given to you freely to enjoy and benefit from without cost.  If you wish to give in return by way of donation to support this work it will be gratefully received.  Follow this link to donate.