BHE Week Ten: Cleansing the Energy Fields

Having established awareness of our energy field, this week’s focus will be on cleansing the energy field.

Structuring Your Sessions

Do all of the exercises you have focused on so far in this course before spending the rest of your practice sessions focusing on this week’s exercise – Cleansing the energy fields.


The following video shows the focus exercise for this week.  Do as many repetitions of this simple exercise as you want to/have time for in your session.


Additional details about the exercise

In this exercise we use the power of our mind to refresh and renew our energy.  As you become aware of the energy of your body and energy field, you may notice that some areas are dull, dark, absent or weak.  On each in breath we imagine drawing fresh energy in from heaven and earth, and then on each out breath imagine your energy glowing brighter and clearing any stagnant or blocked energy out beyond the limits of your energy field where it will clear completely away from you.  It may take some time to clear all the stagnancy and blockages away, but little by little as you continue to practice you will feel your energy becoming cleaner, clearer and brighter.


Our mind and body combine to create our experience of this life.  If we have excessive tension or an injury in a part of our body, over time this will cause reduced activity in this part of our body which we can perceive as a lack of energy or blockage in that part of the body.  This then goes on to affect how we think and feel about life which will show up in the energy in the field surrounding us that relates to that part of our body.  Similarly we may have a persistent emotion from thinking about something in a certain way, which we may perceive as some kind of disturbance in our energy field.  If this remains for a period of time this will go on to affect the related part of our body.

Sometimes it is hard for us to identify exactly what it is that is blocking us in either physical or mental/emotional terms, but we can identify the ‘energy’ sensation of the problem.  By working with this energy sensation we encourage our mind and body to work together to resolve the problem.  In order to do this we need plenty of fresh energy to cleanse and renew ourselves.  Connecting to heaven and earth provides an abundant supply of this energy and can provide the means to make changes in your body and your life.  We can use our qigong practice to direct our body to clean, relax, heal and renew parts of our bodies that may need repair and maintenance, we can also use it to clear patterns of thinking and emotion that make be causing ourselves to become stuck in life.