BHE Week Seven: Spiralling

So far the exercises we have focused on have activated seven of the eight extraordinary meridians.  This week our exercise will activate the last of these meridians – the thrusting meridian.


The following video shows the focus exercise for this week.  Do as many repetitions of this simple exercise as you want to/have time for in your session.

Additional details about the exercise

In this exercise we use a gentle spiralling motion to create a vortex and draw energy through the centre of our body.  While we spiral one part of our body at a time, the spirally motion affects the flow through the entire body, not just the part being moved.

We start the exercise with either the arms or the legs.  We then work our way either up or down through the body creating a link from our hands all the way through the centre of our limbs and torso down to our feet.  When we spiral the waist we also become aware of a connection drawing energy through the perenium (underneath the pelvis).  When we spiral the head we become aware of a connection drawing energy through the top of the head.


For our purposes with these qigong practices, the thrusting meridian flows through and links all the major energy centres of the body.  This includes what are commonly referred to as the chakras (centres of organ, glandular and nerve activity) through the torso and head and the energy centres of the major joints which are centres of physical force.  This meridian acts as an axis on which all of these centres rest.  When it is functioning well and the centres are aligned they will transmit energy effectively between themselves, helping to keep all of the centres healthy and balanced.

The spiralling motion we use in this exercise is like the motion of a vortex or whirlpool.  This motion naturally draws things towards and through the centre of the movement.

This motion naturally helps to align of the energy centres and physical structures of the body.  It also encourages the flow of energy up and down between them.  Another example of this type of action is a solenoid.  When electricity is passed through a coil, it creates a flow of magnetic energy through the centre.

The thrusting meridian acts as our primary connection between the energy of heaven and earth, so the exercise this week is important preparation for our next step…